Winding down

I have rather less work on now than usual; lots of things stop for a bit at Christmas.

I haven’t stopped, though – I’ve still been running almost every day, despite the cold. And I still have so much to do! PoL work continues, including handling our first ever complaint, which was completely unfounded, but took a lot of time to look into. And of course there have been emails and mail, and my last session at the hospital (which was really good), and my end-of-year report on the hospital work. I’ve written a couple of poems, too; and wrapped presents and tidied, and visited the doctor and had blood tests. I had my young people’s group on Saturday, and even our noisiest youngster managed to have fun and not upset anyone else. This morning I ran a taster session for people who might refer patients for Artlift; only two turned up, but at least they went away enthused.

I saw The disaster artist this week. Go and see it! An excellent movie.

And that’s about it. I’ve put the decorations up today – the tree looks lovely – and from now I’m just doing normal Christmas preparation stuff – oh, except that very soon people will be arriving for the first readthrough of my new play; and if I get time this week, I’ll start painting the bathroom. Not very poetic, perhaps, but definitely useful, and a bit of diy is my idea of winding down.

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