Happy New Year!

I hope that 2018 holds all that you would want it to.

I haven’t done much this week except stuff for Christmas (which went very well, thanks for asking), running and decorating, so I thought I should do a round-up of 2017 – well, everyone else seems to be doing this.

It’s been an amazing year for me. I’ve:

  • performed at 16 gigs (including one at the House  of Lords and one on a cruise ship; mostly topping the bill at the others);
  • won 4 slams;
  • written 4 new slam poems and loads of others;
  • had a book of page poetry accepted for publication;
  • had 3 poems accepted for publication in anthologies;
  • written a new one-act play, which will be presented in March;
  • worked with an Artlift group in Cirencester (three terms); a group of people suffering with chronic pain, in Hereford (3 terms); my Young Writers’ groups (Pershore and Evesham); three other writers’ groups; in a prison and a hospice; with a firm of solicitors in London; and with people on a cruise;
  • given four talks, with poems;
  • done three instant poetry / crowdsourced poetry gigs;
  • got two years’ funding for Poetry on Loan;
  • been granted three more years of funding for my work at Cheltenham Hospital;
  • produced three books (for Cheltenham Hospital, Hereford Hospital, and the Young Writers’ group);
  • stopped my dull admin work, and sorted out my pension arrangements;
  • painted half of the outside of my house;
  • done some gardening (but not enough);
  • finished makeovers of two rooms in my house, with a third nearly complete;
  • run a lot, including a quarter marathon;
  • been to The Son’s wedding;
  • seen 42 films in the cinema;
  • had an escape room experience, seen a Cirque du Soleil show, segwayed, shredded, gone Ape, been paragliding, flown a Vulcan bomber (well, a simulator), been to Skiathos for a week and on a cruise for a fortnight.

As I said, an amazing year. I’ve even managed to make a start on my perennial resolution – to sort my house out – and I’ll be doing more this year.

I wonder what 2018 will be like?


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