A good start

Well, the bathroom’s finished. At least, it was finished – all the decorating done, and everything cleared up – but then I bought a new shaver socket light, and now that’s been fitted, I need to do some more painting; but I’ll wait until the heated towel rail has been fitted too, and do all the touching up in one go. Next job is the hall, stairs and landing, which is like doing three rooms really…

Apart from that, I’ve done lots of prep – for a big slam at the weekend and for various workshops this week. The Cat was a big help when I had piles of paper spread all over the floor. I had a good session at the hospital, and wrote two poems. Hooray! I caught up with all the emails, although I see that I now have 46 new ones, so that’s all back to normal.

I saw Molly’s game  this week – it was well done, but not a film I would need to see again. I might read the book, though.

I took all the Christmas decorations down, of course. I never like doing this; the house always seems a bit dull without them (except for the shiny new bathroom, obviously).

And at the weekend I had a bit of an adventure. I was in the Hammer & Tongue National Poetry Slam finals, in the Royal Albert Hall, so it was off to London on Saturday – I stayed with my lovely cousin Sally. It was a very well-run slam. I reached the semi-finals but was knocked out by the eventual winner. I knew I had no chance of winning – quite apart from the poetry, I’m the wrong demographic – but I think the main problem is that I’m just not angry enough; most of my poems are positive nowadays. I do like happy endings. Never mind, though – it was a good afternoon, and I enjoyed it, and it was lovely to see Sally and her husband again.

So, let’s hope that the year continues as well as it has started…

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