All clear

I haven’t mentioned it before, but I’ve been having tests because my doctor thought there might be something wrong with me. On Thursday I had the last one – an ultrasound scan – and everything is clear. Phew. That’s been on my mind a lot this week, but I’ve done quite a bit despite the worrying..

On Monday I sorted all the emails, cleared out a cupboard and prepared for the first rehearsal of my new play. The cast were terrific – they played it just as I have heard it in my head. And I wrote a poem; nothing special, though.

Tuesday was the first session with my new Cirencester group. We had 15 names on the list, but I hadn’t been able to contact quite a few of them, so I had no idea how many would turn up. Five came, and they did well. I’m pretty sure we’ll have three more this week. In the evening we had a TADS meeting, and afterwards I went to look at a sofa which will have a starring rôle in the play, so that’s another thing to tick off the list. I wrote the minutes when I got home.

I had a really good session at the hospital on Wednesday, and did some work on a big magazine article that I should have written ages ago. I finished the first draft on Friday, and now it’s with someone else for checking. In the evening I went to see The greatest showman. It was ok, but the songs and dancing were all wrong for the time period so it seemed a bit weird.

Thursday was unusual. First thing, I had a pneumonia vaccination. I didn’t even know such a thing existed before I was invited to have one, but it’s a one-off, so I thought I could put up with any side effects. In the event, I’ve just had a slightly sore arm. Yoga next, and then my scan. I celebrated the result with a little light retail. Back to the email treadmill in the evening.

On Friday I did my weekly finances and lots of prep, and more emails, and went up in the loft to look for a rug that I want to use for my play. Amazingly, I found it. In the evening I worked with a group of young carers; they seemed to enjoy the session, and we’ll have more, probably about one a month.

And on Saturday I was with my young writers group in Evesham. They did well with some difficult work. The rest of the weekend was pretty lazy, except for two rounds of indoor crazy golf with The Bloke on Sunday; we won one each, so honour was maintained throughout.

I’m gradually getting everything all clear so that I can start work on painting the hall, stairs and landing. This week will be busy, though, so I’m not there yet.


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