The best laid plans…

This week has had a bit of a disappointing end to it, but I’ll come to that later. Otherwise, it’s been ok. On Monday I had a smart meter fitted, and got up-to-date with all the emails. In the evening we had the second rehearsal for my play Psychopath; I’m really pleased with how it’s going, although I’m having a bit of difficulty finding somewhere for the dress rehearsal – our usual hall is fully booked.

My second session with my Cirencester group went well – we had a few more people and they were all good. In the evening I saw Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. This is an excellent film; thoroughly recommended. Oh, and I wrote a poem.

I checked through the play on Wednesday and sent it off the organisers of the one-act play festival, and did some Poetry on Loan work – and managed to clear away some old clothes. Two bags waiting to go to the charity shop now! My session at the hospital went ok, and then there was an Artlift Board meeting and artists’ get-together. It’s always lovely to meet the other Artlift artists; they are an inspiring bunch. Later I caught up with the emails and did the writeup for the hospital work.

On Thursday I went to yoga and bought some paint for the play set, and had Ledbury Poetry Festival Board and Operational meetings – lots of meetings this week! And I did some more prep for the weekend.

I’ve been running every day, and seen a squirrel and a pheasant – both quite close up; they didn’t notice me until I was almost on top of them. And on Friday I did a bit of gardening, clearing dead stuff away, but it was too cold to stay out long. I did some prep for this coming week, and made a cake…

…because Saturday was The Bloke’s birthday. I’ve been planning a surprise for him for ages. Ever since he was about 6, he has wanted to drive a Karmann Ghia. He always heads straight for them when we go to car rallies. There is only one available in the whole country for self-drive hire, and it’s in Lancashire, so we drove up there on Saturday. He had no idea where we were going, or what we were going to do when we got there. The meal in the hotel was good, and they brought the cake out with candles blazing, and on Sunday morning we went to the place where the car is kept. The Bloke was so pleased when he saw the car, which has been beautifully restored and looked lovely. We did the paperwork, and he got in – and it wouldn’t start. The hire chap was mortified; he had had it going earlier and it had started first time. He tried and tried to make it start, but it wouldn’t, so after an hour or so we had to give up. We went to visit some of The Bloke’s friends in the Lake District, which was nice, and the snow-covered hills looked beautiful, but the whole thing was a bit of a let-down, really.

Oh well. I did my best. And now I’ve got to do more planning, for the play; let’s hope that goes a bit better…


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