Busy doing nothing

Work is quite quiet at the moment, but still the time is filled doing all the things I don’t normally have time for, like booking a service for my mower, and getting a leak in the roof fixed – both on Monday. In the evening we had a rehearsal for my new play Psychopath; it’s all going really well. I started work on covering a chair that we’ll use for the performance; I finished this later in the week, and I’m halfway through covering some cushions to go with it. Fortunately upholstery doesn’t have to be perfect for stage use, or I would be very ashamed of my handiwork.

On Tuesday I went to have a look at a venue for our dress rehearsal; it’s fine, and all booked now. I had an excellent session with my Cirencester group, who are bonding nicely, and a long phone call from The Brother. I went to see The darkest hour, which was good, with a mesmerising performance by Gary Oldman, who I’m beginning to think is our greatest living actor.

On Wednesday I ordered lots of things online, and cleaned the house; The Son was here for quite a long visit, which was lovely.

After yoga on Thursday I had a good session at the hospital. I am always humbled by the people I meet there; they are going though so much, and still they smile. I did the writeup, finished the chair covering, and caught up with all the emails. And did some practice for a slam.

I did some gardening on Friday, and booked Andrew Motion for a Poetry on Loan gig – good news! He lives in the USA now, and it’s not easy to get him. And I put loads of stuff on eBay; I just hope that some of it sells, because I bought myself a new secondhand phone on eBay – mine loses battery power really quickly now, and a new battery would cost a fortune. I paid some PoL invoices, too.

Saturday was a big day – the first Wolverhampton Literature Festival slam. It was a really tough field of 15 poets, and I was very pleased to win, especially because the prize was a paid gig at next year’s Festival. Hooray! It’s always good to meet the other poets, too.

And on Sunday I went to have a look at the theatre where Psychopath will be on, with my tech guy – very useful, because they’ve changed all their lights.

And that’s it. Busy doing nothing.


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