Small steps

As my reader knows, my New Year’s Resolution for this year (as for several years before) has been to sort my house out. I really want to make a start on decorating the hall, stairs and landing, but work has interfered with this; however, each week I try to make some small steps towards my goal.

On Monday I got up-to-date with all the emails, and went up into the loft to find some clothes for sorting. I’ve put quite a lot of stuff on eBay, and if it doesn’t sell, it’s going to a charity shop. Some things I’ve put into vacuum storage bags – wonderful things that I’ve never used before. I pruned some trees in the garden, and typed up a new slam poem I wrote over the weekend. Now I need to find a slam… In the evening we had an excellent rehearsal for my new play.

I had Internet problems on Tuesday, and spent ages trying to sort things out, but my bad mood was soon lifted by my wonderful group in Cirencester. In the evening I saw The Post,  which was good except for Meryl Streep at her worst – sometimes she’s terrific, but sometimes she produces mannered, artificial performances, and for me this was one of the latter.

I had a good session at the hospital on Wednesday, got some gravel (but my car will only take two bags), and did some writeups and my end-of-month accounting.

February already! I had a yoga class on Thursday morning, and spread the gravel in the afternoon, then dealt with loads of emails. And I entered Psychopath for a playwriting competition. I’m sure it won’t win, because I think they prefer more weighty plays, but it’s always worth a try. I did some more prep for my play – making props, sorting out music and sound effects – and sorted out some course materials for a big project coming up soon.

On Thursday I wrote a poem! Nothing special, though. I did quite a bit of Poetry on Loan work, and spent a lot of the day working on the manuscript for my new book. It’s tough, trying to decide what to leave out, because at the moment my editor says it’s too long. And I put more stuff on eBay.

On Saturday we went in The Bloke’s car to get more gravel; I should have enough now for all I need to do. And he mended my swing seat and put in a new kitchen light. At last I can see what I’m cooking! And on Sunday we went to buy some cold-weather gear for a trip we’ll be going on soon.

So, this week, I have eight bags of gravel to spread; I have my usual work to do; I’ll have to pack up the things I’ve sold on eBay; and I’ve got a day out on Friday. And, of course, there’s my daily run. Will I be able to start on the hall, stairs and landing? I doubt it.

And now for a little rant, something I usually avoid. This week I’ve heard people complaining that novels rarely mention anything to do with the menopause, and I’ve heard athletes complain that nobody prepares them for life after they’ve retired from sport. Well, really. The menopause is just something that happens. We don’t often read about periods or people going to the loo or men shaving in novels; it’s because they are things you just get on with. I know some people have a really bad time with the menopause, and that’s different – but it’s the same with all aspects of life; you have to take responsibility in dealing with these things. And athletes – they’re usually in their 30s when they retire; they are grownups, and they are well aware that doing what they love for a living will come to an end; they can and should prepare for it. I wonder what’s happened to a sense of personal responsibility. Ok, rant over! Sorry. Back to work now; so many small steps to take today.



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