Where does the time go?

About a year ago, I stopped doing a job that was taking me about two days a week. So, theoretically, I should have two days a week extra now, but clearly I haven’t. I have so much to do!

I spent a lot of Monday catching up with emails, but I did manage to spread four bags of gravel on my drive, shortlist the entries for the Stoke Poet Laureate competition, do some Poetry on Loan work (including booking Andrew Motion for a gig!), and have a rehearsal. One of the cast has had a traumatic event, and he used this as an excuse for not knowing his lines. Not good enough! He’d better know them by tonight, or I’ll… Hmm. The problem with amateur drama is that people do it because they want to; they know very well that I have no credible sanctions. Never mind; I’m sure he’ll be pretty well word perfect this evening. The acting is really good, anyway.

On Tuesday I posted lots of stuff I’ve sold on eBay, and had another great session with my Cirencester group. I did lots of prep, and went to a TADS meeting; we’ve sorted out most of the logistics now for getting the set to the dress rehearsal venue and then to the theatre in Droitwich for the actual production.

On Wednesday I did some work on my poetry book manuscript, and had long phone calls from both The Son and The Daughter, and paid the Poetry on Loan invoices. In the evening I saw Phantom thread; a strange story, very well acted.

I had some news on Thursday that made me feel rather sad, but it’s not public yet and I’m not allowed to tell anyone. My yoga session helped, together with an excellent session at the hospital, with three lovely people. I wrote the minutes of the TADS meeting and notes of our production meeting, and did some more work on the manuscript.

Friday was an unusual day. I have a wealthy cousin, and on Friday he had a lunch to celebrate his 65th birthday; about 50 people, in Simpson’s in the Strand – all rather posh. The Son and The Daughter came too, so it was good fun, but quite a long day. The Son helped me set up my new phone – well, he did it all, actually, but next time I think I’ll be able to do it myself. When I got home I did the hospital writeup and caught up with emails.

Accounts on Saturday, and apart from that a really lazy weekend, although I have nearly finished the work on the manuscript.

And now I have a long list of jobs to do this week. I think I need to go out for a run to get me ready. Perhaps that’s where the time goes, but I couldn’t do without my running now.


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