People who work in offices complain about how many meetings they have, how long they go on for and so on. I’m lucky; I don’t have to attend many meetings, but this week they have all come at once, like buses. The difference is that they have all been good meetings with a purpose.

My first meeting, on Monday, was about my work at the hospital. The funders are so pleased with it that they want more sessions. I can do some of them, but I now have a boy ’prentice, the wonderful Jon Seagrave, who will be doing some of the work, and will perhaps one day take over completely. It’s not definite yet, but prospects seem good. During the meeting, the funders’ representative said, “It’s not about the numbers.” As anyone who has tried to get funding knows, this is like gold at the end of a rainbow. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to have a session at the hospital this week because I’m still coughing a bit after my cold.

I caught up with most of the emails, and in the evening had an excellent rehearsal for my play. They are so good!

On Tuesday I packed and sent lots of eBay items, and had a very good session with my Cirencester group. In the evening I saw The shape of water – a wonderful, quirky fairy story, which I enjoyed hugely.

Wednesday was a trip to Birmingham for the Poetry on Loan meeting. It was great, as always; library staff do so much to promote poetry, even when all about them is difficult, with staff cuts and so on. These meetings are always enthusing. This one was a bit sad, though, because it’s the last one my lovely friend Anne-Marie Dossett will attend; she needs a change from library work. I met The Daughter in the evening, which was good fun.

On Thursday I replaced the drawer I’d mended, and it seemed to stay mended, much to my astonishment. I went to yoga, and had a brief meeting with the man who came to collect my mower to be serviced. I really want him to buy my old motorbike, and he really wants to buy it, but somehow we can’t get down to serious price negotiations. I managed to clean the whole house.

Friday was finance day. I did my weekly accounts, and had a meeting with my financial adviser, who is great; he won’t advise me to do anything, I think, unless it’s in my best interests, and he helps me think about possibilities that hadn’t occurred to me. I paid some Poetry on Loan invoices and did some other PoL stuff, and did some prep for something that is a couple of weeks off.

I haven’t mentioned the running yet, but now my daily runs are just part of my routine, even when it’s cold, and it would be hard to go for more than a day without a run.

On Saturday I just did emails and sewing, and on Sunday I spent a lot of time on my new book. It really does take ages, going through the editing stages, but today I should finish this lot of changes and be able to send the revised collection back to my editor. The Bloke took some photos of me to be used for the cover; they’ve come out really well. And I wrote three new poems! I’m quite pleased with them.

This week I have no meetings at all. This week, the play’s the thing, with the dress rehearsal this evening. If you’re free on Saturday, do come and see it – it’s at the Norbury Theatre in Droitwich. It’ll be much more interesting than any meeting you’re likely to go to.

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