Not at my best

I’ve been away! I don’t mention my holidays in advance on my blog, for security reasons, even though there are people coming in and out of my house while I’m away – so my apologies if you were looking out for a blog that didn’t appear. Unfortunately, I’ve come back with a really nasty chest infection – a terrible, hacking cough and general weakness.

But to start where I left off – the play festival was postponed because of the bad weather. We have a new date for it – April 8th – but sadly one of my original cast members won’t be around then, so we’ve had to recast his rôle. Fortunately it’s only a small part, and we have a bit of time to rehearse.

On March 4th, I set off for another cruise – Amsterdam, the Faroes, Iceland, Shetland, Orkney; all places I have never been. I was running creative writing workshops on board, and in exchange the cruise was free for me and The Bloke. We had excellent weather for all the port stops, and they were really interesting, especially Iceland; we could have done with a week there.

The sea days were not so good, though. On our last day at sea, we had winds of 50 knots and waves 5 metres high. Nobody was allowed on the decks. I was very sick, but I managed to run my class. And then the cold I had caught developed into this horrible infection. Since I’ve been back I’ve had to keep going to lie down every couple of hours – what a wimp! This is not like me at all, and I really don’t like it.

I’ve very nearly caught up with the hundreds of emails that were waiting for me, but I’ve hardly started the unpacking. I’m feeling a little bit better today, so perhaps I might give it a go.

No running, though. Perhaps I might try a little walk. Definitely not at my best.

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