Normal service will be resumed

Ok, I’m still coughing a bit, but I’m pretty well back to normal again now. Phew!

I really didn’t do a lot last week because of feeling ill – I had to go to bed for a bit almost every afternoon. I’ve managed to get everything unpacked and catch up with the emails, so that was a start.

Monday was a bit tricky. I had a rehearsal in the evening, and I had to collect my leading man from Worcester (he has been banned from driving, the idiot). I got in the car to leave – and realised that one of my rear tyres had become a pancake. Panicky call to The Bloke! – who very kindly took me to fetch my actor, and did the journey again at the end of the evening. We had our new actor in for the small part, and he did an excellent job, despite being interrupted by my constant coughing.

The AA came within about 15 minutes of my call on Tuesday morning, and by the end of the day I was re-tyred. I typed up the poems I wrote while on the cruise (I’m quite pleased with a  couple of them), and in the evening had a TADS meeting.

Wednesday was the day for going through my new poetry collection, Like love. I’m kind of hoping this will be the last time, and it can all go ahead now to the next stage; it took ages, checking every word and reference and semi-colon. I tried going out for a walk, and that was ok.

I did some prep on Thursday, and wrote the TADS’ meeting minutes, and wrote a poem. Of course I couldn’t go into hospital for a session this week; I have to avoid the hospital if there’s anything wrong with me.

On Friday I tried a little run. It was ok, but I was really tired again in the afternoon and had to sleep. I did my weekly finances and handled some emails, and in the evening worked with a group of Young Carers in Ross; it went ok, but I wish I could have more time with them. And I started planning for some gigs I’ve got coming up.

And on Saturday I drove to Stole-on-Trent; I was chair of the panel judging their Poet Laureate shortlisted entries. It was a very difficult decision, but I think we came to a good conclusion in the end – I can’t say who the new PL is, because they don’t know yet. And I got home and went to bed again. Honestly, I’ve slept so much this week!

And on Sunday I did nothing, except work a bit on learning my new slam poem.

So, today I’m feeling a lot better, and I’m hoping that I’ll really be able to get back into things. Phew!

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