Getting into practice

I’m back in my groove again – hooray! I started the week with lots of emails and some gardening; the mowing ritual has begun again. In the evening we had a good rehearsal for the play; they’re going to do a fine job.

On Tuesday I did lots of prep for a training course I’m running (jointly with two other people) next Monday, and had a very good session at the hospital. I met a woman there who I worked with 8 years ago, and she’s still going strong, which is always nice to see. A trip to the dentist confirmed my thought that I had a gum infection, so I’m on antibiotics now. In the evening I saw Game night, which was good fun.

On Wednesday I did the hospital writeup, and did some clearing – four bags of stuff to the charity shop! More emails, of course, and prep for a gig next week.

I’ve got a lot of gigs coming up – a slam and five gigs in April, and one at the beginning of May. This means that I have to spend a lot of time learning my pomes – the venues are very different and I certainly couldn’t do the same set in each one. There’s some overlap, though, so it’s not as much work as if they were spread out. For those who want to know, I’m doing:

Licensed to Rhyme, Monday April 9th

Kempsley Village Hall, Friday April 20th

Raise the Bar, Bath, Monday April 23rd

Cheltenham Poetry Festival, Friday 27th April

Henley-in-Arden Festival, Saturday 28th April

Oxford Hammer & Tongue, Tuesday 8th May.

So now you know. It would be lovely to see a friendly face here and there. It’s strange, though, that gigs come in clumps like this; I probably won’t have another one for months.

Where was I? Thursday. Yoga, and another really good session at the hospital, and lots of Poetry on Loan work, and of course more emails. I seem to be getting a huge number at the moment.

On Friday I did my weekly finances and cleaned the whole house, in honour of a visit from The Daughter, and caught up with all the emails.

And then at the weekend I did almost nothing. I wrote a couple of poems, and worked on learning stuff for the gigs, and went on a bike ride. On Monday The Daughter and The Son-in-Law took me out for a belated Mother’s Day lunch, which was lovely, and we had another rehearsal – the last one, before the play’s performance on Sunday. The cast and crew should be in practice now, but you never know what’s going to happen on the day. And I’ve done all I can; all I can do now is worry – and practise for my gigs.

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