Poem a day

I’m part of a Facebook group writing a poem every day in April. So far I’ve kept up, although I‘ve got a couple to type in and post (it’s been busy over the weekend), and I’m not sure whether they’re keepers – but anyway, at least I’m having a go.

Last Tuesday wasn’t very poetic – I did my end of year accounts and answered emails, and in the evening went to see Isle of dogs, which was very much a Wes Anderson film – weird but good.

Wednesday was full of little things – practising, typing and posting poems, finding the documents for my motor bike and washing the bike itself, and writing a job application. Several of these things need explanation, I think. The practice was for the Bristol Hammer & Tongue slam in the evening, which I was delighted to win. The job application – well, I heard last night that I’ve got an interview, so it can’t have been too bad. And the motor bike… Oh dear. I’ve had a motor bike since I was 16, but the little Honda C90 I had was just sitting in the garage doing nothing. The problem is that I only really want to ride it in the summer, and then when you get to where you’re going there’s a big leather jacket to drag around. It’s not good for any vehicle to be left unused, and the man who comes to service my lawnmower has been eyeing up the bike for three years now. He’s nice, and he’ll give it a good home, so finally I’ve sold it to him. I was a bit sad about this; I don’t like the thought that I’ll never ride a motor bike again. I’m going to have to find someone to give me pillion rides.

On Thursday I got a bit ahead of myself and wrote three poems – probably because I didn’t sleep well. After yoga and an excellent session at the hospital I did a bit of gardening, and tried out a set for a gig, and of course, answered emails.

And on Friday I caught up with all the emails – hooray! The rest of the day was a prep day, mostly…

…because on Sunday my play was on in the Worcestershire festival. Everyone arrived on time, and we did all we needed to do in our 25-minute tech slot. The cast did the best performance they have ever done, and the adjudication was nearly all very positive, especially about the play itself and my actress. I must admit that we were a little disappointed with the awards. We were nominated for best actor, best actress and best director, and won best set – but my actress was definitely the best, and she should have won the award! We won’t be going through to the next round, but never mind – the cast were terrific and I was very proud of them, and grateful to them for bringing my little play to life.

And yesterday, I was running a Poetry on Loan training course, with Jon and Jasmine. It went really well, with some very positive feedback. In the evening I was headlining at Licensed to Rhyme in Barnt Green; I did a 25-minute set, almost all new poems, and I think they liked it, although I wasn’t as funny as usual. I was dead tired when I got home.

Today is busy as well; I’m just snatching a few moments to write this before it all starts again. And tomorrow there’s another poem to write.

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