As my reader knows, I spend a lot of time in preparation for various events, and this week has been a preparation week. Much of Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday, though, was spent dealing with emails – I had loads of them.

On Tuesday I had an Artlift meeting – we’ve got a new group starting up in Cheltenham –  and a good session at the hospital, and in the evening I saw Ready player one, which had fantastic effects and was a reasonable way to pass an evening.

On Wednesday I had a doctor’s appointment, and I did all the writeups for the hospital and the Poetry on Loan training session, and on Thursday I started the prep. I have a full day at a school this week (sadly on the day when we’re going to have wonderful weather), and an interview today in Birmingham, and a gig on Friday evening, and they all needed a lot of prep. I had some last-minute changes to make to the manuscript for my new book.

I’ve still been writing a poem every day; I think the latest ones aren’t too bad.

Friday was finances day, as usual, and prep for my Evesham young people’s group, and a bit of gardening. I’m giving up with my big lawn; the moss is taking over like an alien life form, so I’m getting a professional lawn care man in to sort it out. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

I’ve been running every day, of course, and on Saturday I went out in shorts – first time this year! I much prefer running in shorts; the only problem is that my shorts are too big for me now, and it’s hard to find any my size. I did a lot of work on the TADS’ website over the weekend, and The Bloke came round to fix my leaky hose. He ended up by saying that it was all useless – hose, spray gun and all the connectors – so I’ve had to buy a new one.

And that’s it – not much really, but at least I feel all prepared and ready for everything this week.

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