All over the place

I’m never all over the place, of course; perfectly under control and well-organised. But at the moment my work is taking me from one place to another – something different every day. And I’m so busy!

So, on Tuesday I had my first session with a  new Artlift group in Cheltenham. They were great – really worked hard and were pleased with what they had done – and nice people, too. I did some prep for my work with the school in Birmingham; this is a project with very short sessions but many long hours of prep. I did some practice, and then went to Oxford for a gig at Hammer & Tongue. They kindly allowed me 25 minutes instead of the usual 20, so I could do a set with a wide range of material, and it went down well.

On Wednesday I had to leave home at 6:30 a.m. to go to Birmingham, but for various reasons it was a wasted journey and I had to turn round and come home again. I did more prep for the Birmingham school – this project is taking over my life – and finished the first coat of paint on the big back wall. In the evening I saw the Avengers movie; it was ok, but no more than that.

Yet more prep on Thursday, for the school and also for a session with Young Carers. And emails. Hundreds and hundreds of emails. I had to go for a CT scan in the late afternoon, and experienced the very weird feeling of a contrast dye spreading its way through my veins. Oooh! And I finished the Arts Council report; let’s hope it’s all ok and they give Poetry on Loan the next chunk of money. Late on I wrote two poems; I wrote another one on Friday and one yesterday, so it’s not been a bad week from a writing point of view.

Weekly accounts on Friday morning, more emails, and then off to the school in Birmingham. They were as noisy as usual, but wrote some lovely haiku. In the evening I had my session with the Young Carers in Ross, which went really well – I think it’s the best session we’ve had. More prep in the evening, and more emails.

On Saturday morning I had a rubber plant emergency. I have several rubber plants, all descended from one that my mother had when I was a child. Two of them have become far too big, and one very nearly fell over. I’ve taken six cuttings from the two big ones; probably two of these will survive. But what to do with what’s left of the big ones? If I keep them indoors they will sprout sideways and take over the whole room. So I put them outside. They’ll be all right for the summer, but when it gets cold they’ll die. I feel bad about this, even though they are just plants, but at least they’ll have a spell of outdoor living before they go. I did some TADS stuff, and very nearly caught up with the emails. In the evening I was in the Swindon slam, but didn’t get anywhere, although I’m not sure why.

On Sunday morning I was helping at a water station for the Tewkesbury half-marathon. Watching the runners made me want to be one of them. Perhaps next year I’ll enter; I’m still running 6 days out of 7, but I’m so, so slow. And I checked the proofs of my new book, and did yet more prep for the Birmingham school.

This week is going to be similar – driving all over the place, prep, emails; far too busy. And I really want to do the second coat on that back wall… but never mind. All perfectly under control and well-organised. Hmm.

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