Rather a lot on

It was easy to feel, last week, as if you had rather a lot on, especially if you hadn’t noticed the sunshine and had gone out dressed for a normal spring. But it really was busy for me, and this week I’m going to have to try to catch up with all the things that were left undone in the last two weeks.

Monday was mostly prep, until the evening when I went to Licensed to Rhyme to try out my two new poems. They went down really well, and it was good to catch up with Ash Dickinson.

On Tuesday I had my Artlift group, who are doing magnificently and are a nice bunch. I needed especially to mow the grass, because the lawn treatment people were to come on Wednesday – but oh, a flat tyre on the mower again. But Haywards chaps were very good, and one of them came out to fix it even though it was after his usual finishing time. I got up to Sunday’s emails, and finished prep for the Birmingham school. I have never worked on a project that needs as much prep as this one; I’m definitely earning the payment (and more).

I spent nearly all of Wednesday at John Masefield school, getting my groups there to write collaboratively, in groups of about 4. This took them ages, and we only just started to think about the performances. In the evening a Poetry on Loan event was on in Worcester – Henry Normal – and I went along as a minder. The audience loved him. I got home to find 14 big bags of moss; that’s what you call scarifying.

Thursday was back to Ledbury for a Poetry Festival meeting, and then off again for a session at Cheltenham hospital. This didn’t go so well – there weren’t many people there, and when I found somebody to work with, they were called in before we got anywhere. I came home and did some weeding and some Poetry on Loan stuff.

Off again on Friday. I had to go into the Stan’s Café office, in the middle of Birmingham, and then to the school, in Edgbaston. I got there a bit early and went for a walk, to plan where I will take my next batch of students to take photos. It was a really good session with the current batch.

And straight from there to Stoke, where I was running a performance workshop – again, a good session. Half an hour later we watched a performance – Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialists. This was another PoL gig, and another good one. It took me ages to get home, and I was really tired, but I wrote a couple of poems.

And on Saturday my young writers in Evesham. We finished writing our little play, and started work on the performance. I think it’s going to be good fun. I spent a lot of the weekend writing up all the things I’d been doing during the week, but did manage an exciting trip to buy extra garden hose accessories, and a visit to the wholly-misnamed Tewkesbury Big Weekend.

So, I’ve run almost every day, and written three new poems. Not bad for a week with rather a lot on.

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