Happy birthday

It’s my birthday today! Yes, thank you for your good wishes. It’s a work day, though, so no sitting around peeling grapes or anything.

I’ve nearly caught up with all the things that were left behind during my really busy period. On Monday last week I had a session with a group I started in Hereford, and who are continuing with only an occasional visit from me. It’s difficult for a group to carry on on their own, so this is quite an achievement – and they are lovely people, too. I did some gardening and writeups, and in the evening went to the TADS meeting. And I nearly caught up with all the emails.

Tuesday was my Artlift group in Cheltenham, who are going great guns – we had a really cheerful session. More gardening, and my new next-door-but-one neighbour came and had a chat. I did lots of prep for the Birmingham school, which I finished on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening I saw Deadpool 2, which was almost as good as the first one.

Great session at the hospital on Wednesday; sometimes I think I really make a difference to the people there, and this was one of those occasions. More gardening, and I wrote a very long email about something difficult. And I found that Poetry on Loan has been awarded the second year’s funding! This is excellent news, and makes the hours spent preparing the interim report all worthwhile.

And I had a bonfire. Never mind writing poems – I make excellent bonfires. But I have written three poems this week, too.

On Thursday I had a yoga session, cleared up a bit, did some more gardening, wrote the TADS meeting minutes, did the hospital writeup, and caught up with the emails. Hooray!

After doing my usual weekly finances on Friday, I went up in the loft to find a dress that will be suitable for the next TADS’ production, and then set off for Birmingham for my work in the school there. It was a frustrating drive, with the M5 down to two lanes for no reason at all, but I arrived in time, and we had an amazing session – the kids worked really hard on their individual poems, with some very good results.

And I received a penalty notice. I’d driven along a bus lane when I was in Stoke last week. I’m sure that this was a new bus lane; I just went the way I always go when I visit Stoke. Nothing I can do, though, so I’ve just paid up. More gardening, lots of Poetry on Loan work.

On Saturday I caught up with emails, did some more gardening, and went shopping – successfully! More work on the Birmingham school stuff on Sunday, and yesterday I went to Ludlow for a Poetry on Loan event. This one was special, though – my friends from Brighton with The Book of Job: the Musical, which is the best musical ever written or performed anywhere. It went down very well, to a reasonably-sized audience, and I enjoyed it just as much as I have done on the four previous times I’ve seen it.

And now it’s time for me to go out and start all over again…but perhaps some birthday cake will get a look in.

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