All downhill

This coming week is my last really busy one for a while; the end is in sight. And there was a bit more downhill stuff last week…

But anyway, on Tuesday (my birthday) I ran my Cheltenham group (very good), answered some emails, did some gardening, and went out for a lovely meal with The Bloke.

Lots of Poetry on Loan work on Wednesday, and a really good session in the hospital with a lovely Lithuanian lady. I got all the stuff finished for my first batch of sessions with the Birmingham school and sent it off; their photos and poems are going to be part of a newspaper covering work of all the year 7 classes. I’ve got the last class to go, starting this Friday. And I caught up with the emails to Tuesday’s.

On Thursday, after my yoga class, I finished clearing the patio! This means that I’m allowed to plant things; I do like to look out of the window and see lots of pretty flowers, and stroll out to pick lettuce for my salad. Lots of prep and my end-of-month accounting, and the start of listing loads of clothes on eBay.

I started planting on Friday – lettuces and tomatoes – and went to Birmingham for a Poetry on Loan meeting. The library staff I work with are great – full of enthusiasm, despite all the cuts their services are suffering, and these meetings are invigorating. I was tired when I got home, but I mowed the lawns (which are looking better after their professional lawn care treatment), and answered more emails.

On Saturday I did some Poetry on Loan work and more gardening. I have a huge garden and it’s much too big for me to manage.

I’m still running every day, and on Sunday my improved fitness paid off. I took The Bloke skiing in the Snowdome in Tamworth as a late birthday present. Unfortunately he hurt his legs quite soon after we started, and had to give up after an hour, but he was very good and said I should carry on. Oh, I loved it! I had forgotten the sheer delight of swooping downhill. Now I want to go again. I wrote a poem in the evening.

This morning I’m hardly aching at all – just a slight twinge in the shoulders – but I’ve got to forget about the slopes and knuckle down for hours of admin stuff. But at least I can see the end of all the deskwork – then there will be mostly gardening and decorating for a few weeks. At least, that’s the plan…

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