Jungle fever

This week I really had to launch an attack on the jungle that I laughingly call my garden. I’ve cleared quite a lot from the top bit, but that still leaves an awful lot, and I won’t be able to do much on it this week. I can see the weeds smirking at me.

But I’ve done quite a bit of work as well. I spent a lot of Monday preparing for my session at the school in Birmingham – this project is great fun but takes so much prep! My computer was misbehaving, too, although later I realised that there’s something wrong with my mouse – it has a sticky left button, so every time I press it, it’s as if I’ve pressed it twice. You don’t realise how difficult this makes thing. Anyway, during the week I bought a new keyboard and mouse; the last ones have lasted for years so I can’t really complain. I haven’t put them on yet, though – too busy! I’m using a borrowed mouse.

I had my Cheltenham Artlift group on Tuesday; they really are a lovely group to work with. More work for the Birmingham school, and some Ledbury Poetry Festival stuff, and in the evening I saw the latest Jurassic Park movie. It was all a bit silly, but I’m still in awe of the dinosaurs.

Hours on Wednesday, still doing the prep for the school, but finally it was finished. I answered Monday’s emails and some of Tuesday’s, and did some prep for my Young Writers session on Saturday.

On Thursday I had a really good session at the hospital, working with two amazing people, and went to yoga. The instructor worked us very hard. Lots of gardening, and a bit more prep for the Young Writers. Oh – and I wrote two poems; I’m quite pleased with both of them

On Friday I did my usual weekly accounts, and answered some emails, and had my session with the Birmingham school. It went really well, so all the prep paid off. I did various writeups, and prepared for this week’s Artlift session, and answered emails.

And Saturday. Oh dear. This was my last ever session as a lead writer with the Spark Young Writers, and we were putting on a play written by the kids. There are only 5 in the group, so it was quite a blow when I heard before the session that one of them was ill and wouldn’t be coming. The kids worked really hard (although with a lot of messing about) to learn her lines, which we managed to spread out among them, and finally they presented the play for parents and brothers and sisters, and did it really well. It was quite ambitious, with a cast of 12 characters including Ed Sheeran and Bill Gates. The wonderful Charley (my assistant) and I had to take part too. And I said goodbye. Two of them have been in my group for ages, and it was all a bit sad. But I did a bit more prep for the Birmingham school, and wrote up the session.

Sunday was a bit special. One of the late birthday presents for The Bloke was a drive in an Ariel Atom, so we went off to do that. I had planned to watch, but you couldn’t really see much, so I booked myself a high-speed lap in a Maclaren MP something-or-other. And, wow, was it fast! I could never drive like that. It was amazing, and great fun. Later I did some more prep, and some work on a possible production with TADS, and that was it.

And now I’m back at my desk, with the jungle trying to break in through the door…

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