A jaunt

I’m late with the blog because I’ve been on a little holiday – a jaunt, if you will.

The first part of last week was pretty normal – work for the Birmingham school project, a rehearsal schedule, Artlift actions, emails and Poetry on Loan work. And some packing.

I worked with my lovely Artlift group in Cheltenham on Tuesday, and did writeups and emails in the afternoon, and some gardening. In the evening we had a TADS meeting; it looks very much like I’m going to be directing our next major production. Oh dear.

On Wednesday I caught up with all the emails, and went down to the river and dropped in an Iceberg rose from my garden’ I do this most years on the anniversary of Pete’s death. Eighteen years now. I did a lot of gardening and Poetry on Loan work, and had a good session at the hospital. More emails and prep in the evening.

And on Thursday I flew from Birmingham to Edinburgh, where I met my lovely friend Jackie. She lives in New Zealand, and we usually meet for just 24 hours each year, but this year she wanted to go to Scotland; she’s never been there before.

We had a day in Edinburgh, then hired a car and drove to the Highlands, where we walked round a loch which I’d never seen before, which has a beach. A beach! I paddled in water that wasn’t that cold, with snow patches above us on the mountains. We saw a red squirrel, and went to the wildlife park and saw the polar bear cub, and wolf cubs and a lynx kitten. We had a great time, and now she has gone away with the idea that Scotland is a warm, bright, sunny place. Hah!

But now, of course, I have hundreds of emails to deal with, and some urgent stuff to do for the Ledbury Poetry Festival, and it’s all a bit overwhelming. Jaunts come at a price.

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