Half the year gone…

Does it make me sound like an old person, saying things like “Half the year’s gone already…”? But it has, and I’m still up to my ears in work. And with all this wonderful weather I just want to be outside, gardening and decorating!

I still haven’t caught up with all the emails. There were loads left for me when I came back from my little holiday, and then I had lots of problems with my email handler. I should reach Sunday by this evening, I hope.

But on Wednesday I had my last visit to John Masefield High School for a while. They were to perform group poems at the opening event of the Ledbury Poetry Festival, so I went in on Wednesday for a last runthrough. A couple of the kids couldn’t be there for the event after all, so others had bravely stepped in to take their parts, but the whole thing needed a lot of work. They did it all on Friday evening, and were a great success with the audience, so well done to all of them. The whole event went well, in fact – it’s complicated, with 10 poets as well as about 35 young people, and we finished dead on time, and everyone really enjoyed it.

The Festival is in full swing. On Wednesday evening I did some prep for the events I’m involved in, and I did quite a lot of gardening. I’m gradually clearing the sides of the back lawn, which were badly overgrown with weeds. I’ve reached the nettles and brambles now, on both sides, and I can only clear those with full protective clothing. I’ll have a go this evening, when it’s a bit cooler.

My car had its MoT on Thursday (passed with flying colours!), but once I was home I spent quite a bit of time trying to sort out my email problem. My son found a fix in the evening. Because I couldn’t do anything with emails I spent a lot of time in the garden. In the evening I wrote the TADS meeting minutes, and started the email catch-up process.

Friday was weekly accounts, and then a Ledbury Poetry Festival Board Meeting; one of my jobs for today is to write the minutes. In the evening I had my event, then more emails and prep for this week.

On Saturday I did more prep, and in the afternoon cycled into Tewkesbury. But there was a message from one of the participants in the event I was running on Saturday – she couldn’t come! This was a bit of a disaster, but the wonderful tech guys at the Festival arranged for her to do her bit via Skype. This is always a bit dodgy, but the event (on Sunday) went like a dream – you’d think we’d been practising it for weeks. I did lots of prep for my session at the Birmingham school.

This morning I accompanied two people from my Hereford group, who were reading poems at another Festival event. They were terrific!

Oh – and I’ve been running nearly every day, and written three poems.

But oh, this weather! I long to be outside, making the most of it; I thrive on heat and sunshine. But there’s still so much to do, and half the year gone already…

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