Tiny writing

I have very small writing. Every day, I make a note in my desk diary of everything I’ve done;  this is because of a tip I was given when I first became self-employed. On some days, you’ll look back and think you’ve done nothing, but in fact you will have done lots of small jobs that don’t seem worth noting, but are well worth doing. If you note them all down, then you can see that actually you’ve achieved quite a lot.

Anyway, I note everything down, in columns, in my tiny writing, and for last week the diary looks full. I’ve done loads of stuff, but mostly small stuff.

I’ve done my end-of-month accounts and picked and frozen all the gooseberries and blackcurrants from my bushes. I’ve done all the prep for my penultimate session in the school in Birmingham, and late in the evenings I’ve put on full protective gear to tackle the heavy nettle sections of my garden; this is nowhere near finished, but I just can’t do it in the heat. I’ve been out running every day – and oh, how I love running in the sunshine!

I’ve had my last session with my Artlift group in Cheltenham, which was good, as it always is, and installed my new mouse and keyboard. Adding new stuff to a computer is so easy nowadays! I’ve handled the snail mail and lots of emails, and deleted loads of old emails.

I saw Sicario 2, which was a good movie and worth seeing. I haven’t watched England play because they never win when I watch, but I’ve taken great joy in the results. I’ve done some painting – the second coat for my big back wall. It’s about two-thirds complete, but again it’s something I can’t do until later in the afternoon when the wall is in shadow. And I’ve been to a Ledbury Poetry Festival event.

What else? I’ve paid my income tax bill and prepared for my final session with a young carers group and for a session today in Andover, and written up the LPF Board minutes. The Young Carers session went really well. Their leader had told me to expect that they wouldn’t want to do any poetry, because it was their last ever meeting, but they joined in two exercises and then two boys asked for more! Wow. Easily the best session I’ve had with them; what a shame it’s all going to end.

The Birmingham school session wasn’t so good. We started with 24 kids in the group, but almost immediately 17 of them left to finish something they needed to do for their reports. Kids were coming and going all through the session, so it was basically one long disruption – but still they managed to produce some collaborative poems. Phew.

Sunday was a special day. Once a year, in between our three birthdays, The Son and The Daughter and I get together. Usually we just go for a meal, but this time we went to an escape room in Swindon. We didn’t escape, although we weren’t far off, but the clues were rubbish – I think they were automatic, and we were often given clues for things we had already solved. We had a meal afterwards, and it was all great fun.

I did some work in the evening – prep for my final Birmingham school session – which I need to finish off.

And I’ve just been to an Artlift artists’ meeting, so I feel full of renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Which I will note down, in my tiny writing, so I don’t forget.

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