New projects

I’m the world’s greatest completer / finisher. The dark side of this is that I’m not that good at getting started on new things – but next week I’ve got a big project, which I’ll blog about later, and so I’ve spent a lot of time preparing for it all. I’ll be spending more time on it this week as well.

And other new things are on the horizon. It looks like I’ll be directing TADS’ next major production, to be on probably in March next year. We had a workshop on Monday evening, to check interest, and lots of really good people came; I’ll definitely be able to cast it, even though it’s a big play with a big cast. I have a very able co-director, and I’m busy assembling a cast and crew. It will be far and away the biggest and most complex play I’ve directed. Gulp.

But meanwhile, it’s been a fairly normal week – running, painting (window frames, door frames and black bits), gardening. I saw The Incredibles 2, which was ok but a bit long. I had a really good session at the hospital, and a haircut.

I’ve answered lots of emails, and sent out quite a few, including some I really didn’t want to send. Because my new book will be officially published on November 7th, I’ve sent out lots of emails touting for gigs to promote it; I hate doing this, but I just about have to.

And that’s it. I even spent five minutes sitting in the garden, doing nothing – not like me at all. But all new projects need thinking time before you start on them – don’t they?

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