A life on the ocean waves

Hello! I’m back. I’ve been away on a cruise – working, I hasten to add, in case you think I’ve just been idling around, enjoying foreign places, soaking up the sun, eating lots of food, and so on. I ran four one-hour writing workshops, I’ll have you know, in between doing all those other things. It was the best cruise I’ve been on, largely because the seasickness patches really worked, and I didn’t feel even the least bit queasy. They did have a strange side effect, however – they made me stutter. This mean that I didn’t ask for a performance slot in one of the cabarets; it would have been embarrassing, to say the least. The workshops went really well, though – up to 17 people attended, even though it was beautiful weather. And I wrote four poems.

The stuttering has worn off now, and I’m back to as near normal as I ever was. Our homecoming was a bit difficult, though. When we went to collect The Bloke’s car from the port car park, the front passenger window was down, and wouldn’t go back up. We drove all the way home with my window down. We couldn’t wait to get it fixed – The Bloke had had sad news about his old cat while we were away, and he needed to get to the vet’s. Poor old Jasper had finally had his day. He couldn’t stand, couldn’t keep himself clean, and couldn’t maintain his body temperature, so we had to say goodbye. He was a lovely cat, and will be missed.

And now, of course, there is a tsunami of emails, and unpacking and washing, and loads of stuff to do with the play, and gardening and decorating and… why do we go on holiday, again?

But my new watering system has worked! All the flowers on my patio still look lovely, and I’ve got lots of tomatoes from my plants, and two giant cucumbers. I’ve picked all the plums from the back garden, and the pears are nearly ready – it’s quite a harvest.

Today, though, I must concentrate on clearing the emails, and wave goodbye to my holiday. I mean my work trip. Of course.

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