Back in the swing

Well, I’ve done all the unpacking and washing and got up to date with the emails – at least, I was up to date on Friday, but now there’s a load more. I spent nearly all of Monday on emails, with some Poetry on Loan work and stuff to do with the play I will probably be directing for TADS. The casting is very nearly sorted now, and I have a preliminary budget and rehearsal schedule.

I started work on the outside of the bathroom window on Tuesday, but I’ve done nothing on it since – partly due to the weather and partly because I was busy with other stuff. I really don’t like leaving things unfinished like this! In the afternoon I met the man who’s going to do the soundscape (yes, soundscape) for the play. He and his wife are a lovely couple who live in a breathtaking house in Malvern, and the soundscape is terrific. In the evening I saw Ant-man and the wasp – totally ridiculous and thoroughly enjoyable. The whole day was almost like being on holiday again.

Wednesday was hard work, though. Every now and then I meet my cousins, and this had been in the diary for months. But I had to drive to Chessington, and it took hours there and back; the whole day gone for lunch. In the evening I typed up the poems that I wrote while I was away, and finally caught up with the emails.

I did lots of prep on Thursday, and had a really good session in the hospital. The patient I worked with made me feel quite humbled, as they often do. In the evening I went to Dear Listener, a poetry evening in Worcester. It was well-attended and very well run (by the lovely Charley Barnes), but oh, I do get a bit tired of poets whinging about very little; working with cancer patients colours your thinking. I wrote a poem while I was there, and did the hospital writeup when I got home.

And on Friday I had yet another day out! This time it was to meet my friend Jackie, in Bath. Jackie lives in new Zealand, and has been coming over every year to visit her mum. This time she’s here because sadly, her mum has died. I want to spend as much time as I can with her because after the next couple of weeks I don’t know when I’ll see her again. Bath was rammed, but we had a lovely time, anyway. Lots more work on the play afterwards, and I started my income tax return.

I did some more work on the tax return on Saturday, and I should get it finished today. On Saturday evening, I went to see The play that went wrong. This was as funny as I’d been told, and very, very well done. I still think Noises off is the funniest thing ever to be seen on a stage, though.

And on Sunday we made our annual visit to the Tewkesbury classic car show, and I did more work on the play.

Hmm. Looking back over the week, I’ve hardly really got back into the swing of things at all, have I? It’s just been one long round of enjoyment. This week will be different, though.

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