I’ve just looked at what I did last week, and honestly, it’s crazy – so many different things.

Monday was the usual – hundreds of emails, and I cooked some of the fruit from my garden, ready for freezing. Almost every day this week, I’ve either gathered windfall pears or picked some. They’re mostly horrible, scabby-looking things, but peeled, cooked and frozen they provide my breakfasts for months. I’ve nearly run out of room in the freezer, though.

On Tuesday my friend Jackie came, and, bless her, she helped me clear out one of my lofts (I have four lofts). This particular loft is very awkward, and had lots of things stored past a water tank; I wanted to empty it because one day, I won’t be able to wriggle past. Well, we cleared it all – loads of stuff for the charity shop, some rubbish, some to go to the tip, and one or two things brought into use again. We had the same meal we always have when she comes to stay, and a bit too much wine, and it was all lovely. On Wednesday we said goodbye at Cheltenham station – it will probably be at least two years before I see her again. Afterwards I mowed both the lawns and submitted some poems for a publication. And answered emails.

There have been so many emails this week, and I’m still several days behind in dealing with them, although I’ll be mounting an attack after writing this.

Thursday was yoga – and I really needed that hour away from the emails – and a really good session at the hospital. And when I got home there was a letter telling me I have a tax rebate. Oh yes. I sent a parcel to The Daughter, and went to the opticians and ordered some new glasses, and wrote up the Poetry on Loan minutes, and saw The equalizer 2 in the evening. It didn’t get very good reviews, but I thought it was well done, with a bit of a noir feel.

On Friday I started prep for the next Poetry on Loan meeting, and did my finances and my end-of-month accounting, and some window-frame painting, and dealt with Wednesday’s emails. It was a lovely day so I did a bit of gardening, then wrote up the hospital stuff. I did some prep for the play I’m directing, and some Poetry on Loan stuff, and Thursday’s emails, and started preparing for all the gigs I’ve got coming up. It’s always difficult to decide which poems to do, especially when you’ve got only 20 minutes. Twenty minutes is quite long enough for an audience, but never enough for a poet.

And on Saturday morning, I wrote three poems! Hooray. I did some more painting outside. Every time I do this, it means moving a big ladder into position. It’s too heavy for me to manage, really, so I have bruises everywhere, but never mind – I’ve actually finished the three front dormer frames today! In the afternoon I took the stuff from the loft to the tip for recycling.

And yesterday – whooh! We went for a cycle ride in the Forest of Dean, and it was excellent fun. Kept me going through preparation for the judging this week for the Birmingham Poet Laureate and Young Poet Laureate, and for the Staffs Young Poet Laureate.

Good week all round, then. But this week I need to sit at my desk and answer emails. And do prep. And the sun is shining.

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