I like the word beleaguered It somehow sounds like it feels, and that’s how I feel at the moment – far too much to do!

Last week, though, was ok. On Monday I met with a continuation group in Hereford, who are doing wonders by keeping going on their own. I just go every now and then to add a little boost of rocket fuel. Afterwards I had a meeting in Hereford library, to go through the Poetry on Loan website with a librarian – before that, I was the only person who could update it, which wasn’t a good state of affairs. I did some writeups and got almost up-to-date with the emails, and cut the grass, and did some work on the play I’m directing.

And I wrote a poem. In fact, I’ve continued to write a poem every day throughout September, and I’d like to keep it going – but they tend to be short, and I need longer ones for performance purposes. I sanded and varnished my front door, and did some prep for a school I’m working in on Thursday, and went to an Artlift Board meeting, which took ages. I said I’d do the minutes, and I haven’t quite finished them yet.

Wednesday was more prep, minute writing, a second coat of varnish for the door (hooray! it’s finished), and some Poetry on Loan work. In the evening I saw A simple favour. I can’t quite decide about this one, and I can’t say much about it without spoilers.

I had a really good session in the hospital on Thursday, and in the evening went to see a different production of the play I’m working on. It was interesting, and I came away with some ideas of things I will and won’t do in my version.

By Friday I’d had an email from my contact at the Thursday school, and had to rework all my prep. Sigh. Never mind, though – I’d rather it was exactly what they want. Loads of prep and ages reading through some legal documents. And emails. Oh, emails.

On Saturday I painted my gateposts, and today I’ve done the gate. This means that I have completed all the tasks I set out to do over the summer – not actual paid work, of course, but still it’s nice to have achieved something, even if I did get stung twice by the wasps who, I now know, live under the gatepost. Over the weekend I’ve done a lot more work on the play, and practice for various gigs I’ve got coming up.

And this week – well, it’s National Poetry Day on Thursday, which means it’s a busy week for all poets, and I’m no exception. So much to do, and all with a deadline, and still the emails mount up… I’ll be fine by next week, I hope – becalmed, rather than beleaguered – but now I really must get on.


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