Local issues

Some weeks I drive all over the place; others, like this one, I’m mostly nearer home. On Monday, after taking The Cat to the vet (she’s fine, thank you for asking) and answering some emails, I did travel, though, to Brant Green, for Licensed to Rhyme. I thought I was doing a short slot to publicise my new book, but when I got there I found I was headlining. To fill in the extra time I asked for requests, and did a brand new poem that I had written at 2 am that morning. It all went down really well, anyway.

On Tuesday I had a meeting with the Marketing Manager of The Roses Theatre, in Tewkesbury, where TADS will be staging the play next March; she’s really good, helpful and full of suggestions. I had to type up some of the stuff from the Ledbury Poetry Festival awayday, and the rest of the day was work on the play, emails and gardening – I’ve cut down a big shrub that was obscuring one window completely – it looked like something out of the Sleeping Beauty. The Son came home for a while too, which is always fun.

But – cystitis. I hate getting cystitis, but it turns up regularly; I slept badly on Tuesday night. I managed to do my work as guest editor for the Sparks Young Writers magazine and answered some emails.

Every year Tewkesbury has a fair – the Mop Fair, so-called because in medieval times it was a hiring fair, and local workpeople would go with the tools of their trades (spades, chisels, mops…) to find employment. This year I’d said I would go along with The Bloke – neither of us has been for years – and it hadn’t changed at all. I won a stuffed monster on the shooting – one of my less useful skills – but I really didn’t feel good.

By Thursday I knew I had to get some antibiotics, so a good part of the day was taken up with going to the doctor’s (twice) and going to the chemist, in between lots of Poetry on Loan stuff. In the evening I was in a slam in Cheltenham; I didn’t feel well and I didn’t do very well, either. Never mind – it’s only a slam and it doesn’t really matter.

More and more I see my real work, the work that really does matter, as the stuff I do at the hospital. I went there on Friday, after doing my weekly accounts, and had a really good session with a woman who found the whole experience quite moving. But then I felt really ill and had to go to bed for several hours. Later I did the hospital writeup and finished the magazine work.

On Saturday I was working again, and in Tewkesbury, for a change. Moog, a local company, had an open day, and I was there as a poet to write a crowdsourced poem. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and I hope that Moog will be pleased with all the positive things in the poem. I don’t think they’ve quite worked out what they’re going to do with it, though.

Yesterday I did some timesheet analysis – all part of a poet’s work – and finished a new slam poem I’ve been working on, and spent some time with The Daughter.  And today – today I’m feeling much, much better, and I’m ready for my little adventure this week. It will be far from local…

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