Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

I really do like to be beside the seaside, and I was this week, for a little while. But there was work to be done, too. On Monday I did a lot of prep and got up to Sunday’s emails, and had the first rehearsal for Wyrd Sisters, which I’m directing for TADS. It was just a readthrough, but it was quite startling to see almost all of the huge cast assembled in one place. One of them was in Moscow, and took part for part of the readthrough via Facetime. High tech or what? Sadly he has had to drop out, so I’m busy hunting for a replacement.

On Tuesday I had a Pilates session, which was really good, and a session at the hospital, which wasn’t so good this week; sometimes it’s hard to find people to work with, and this was one of those occasions. I revised my new slam poem, and did the hospital writeup, and did lots of emails and prep. In the evening I saw Bad times at the El Royale, which was very good – well worth seeing, although a little violent.

On Wednesday I wrote some blurb for a forthcoming gig and set off for Brighton. Yay! I love going to Brighton. The journey went well, and I had a nice room in a hotel that didn’t cost too much, and met up with some friends (Paul and Ros) I haven’t seen for years; it was lovely to see them again. In the evening we went to see Paradise Rocks, the new show by my friends the Indelicates. Although the first half needed a bit of tightening up (new venue, not enough rehearsal), the second half was terrific, and I’m still singing some of the tunes. They’ll be doing it at the Ledbury Poetry Festival next year. When I got back to the hotel I wrote some blurb for Wyrd Sisters for the Roses Theatre brochure.

I met Paul again the next morning, and we went up the Brighton Eye. We had perfect weather; the sea was blue, the sky was cloudless, and we could see for miles. And then I had to leave. Shame! I wish I could have stayed longer, but at least I had a couple of walks on the beach.

But I had a Ledbury Poetry Festival Board meeting in the evening. It all went well, and we made some decisions, and I resigned. I didn’t want to resign, but my new poetry collection, Like love, has been entered for the Forte second collection prize. This is administered by the Festival, and although the judging is completely independent, I thought it appropriate to resign from the Board. I’m hoping they’ll take me back as soon as my book is out of the running, which will be quite soon, I expect. Of course a stack of emails was waiting for me; I’m still only up to Thursday’s.

On Friday I did my accounts, and typed up the Roses blurb and sent it off. The marketing person at The Roses has done a great job with an image for our production, and it’s all going to look good in the brochure, but we’re still having a bit of problem with the ticket price. Then emails, loads and loads of prep for this week, and I rounded off the day by making my Christmas cakes – something I always enjoy doing, even though I eat far too much of the mixture before it goes in the oven.

On Saturday I paid Poetry on Loan invoices, and did some more work on the play, and on Sunday I wrote up the LPF minutes. I did have a little bit of time in the lovely sunshine, but not enough. I’d have liked to be back in Brighton, really, by the seaside.

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