In progress

So many things are in progress now! November is going to be absolutely hectic.

On Monday evening we had our first proper rehearsal of the play, and it all went swimmingly. Phew! I publicised my forthcoming gigs with a post on Facebook and it had quite a few shares, so with any luck I’ll get a few people in the audiences.

On Tuesday I had a Pilates session and handled the emails up to Sunday and the snail mail. Good session at the hospital! I met a lovely lady there. I did the writeup and some practice for a slam, and went to the TADS meeting in the evening, then revised a poem. It’s a new slam poem, and I must have revised it half a dozen times this week; it’s still not quite right yet.

My first session with a new Artlift group on Wednesday – 9 of them! I don’t usually get such big groups, but they seem keen and ready to have a go, and nice people, too, so all good. I did lots of prep and then saw First man, which is an excellent film and highly recommended.

I’m still (always) trying to catch up with emails, and I’d reached Tuesday’s on Thursday, but then I had to go to Birmingham for my first session with the next class involved in the Eye of the Poet project. What a fantastic class! They were all engaged, and answering and asking questions (including the usual “Are you famous?”), even though it was a long session. I did some more practice, and wrote up the TADS minutes.

A frost was in the air, so on Friday I dug up the spuds I’ve been growing and picked the last of the tomatoes (it’s been my best year ever for tomatoes) and started chopping down the buddleia. I haven’t finished yet, and I really don’t like leaving jobs unfinished – but it will have to wait. I started planning a course I’ll be running in a couple of weeks, and handled some more emails, and then went to a slam. The new poem went down quite well, and another nearly new one got me to the final, but I didn’t win. I’m just not miserable or angry enough to win slams now, I think. As my late poet husband Pete would have said, it don’t matter none.

Saturday was prep for this week’s rehearsal and more work on the course, and on Sunday I went to Batsford Arboretum for a walk through the trees. I love the red acers; it’s good to see a few trees fighting back against the tedium of greenness. And I wrote a short biog for one of the forthcoming gigs.

So – lots of things started, and not much finished. This isn’t how I like to operate, but I just have to tell myself that it’s all in progress. and that’s that.

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