So busy that I can hardly remember everything I did last week, but here’s a quick list of some of it: bought World War 1 picture books, PoL work, lots of prep, emails (of course), rehearsal (v. good), wrote two poems, broke the mug I’ve been using for coffee for 40 years, planned a training session for PoL, saw Bohemian Rhapsody (which I liked much more than the critics did), ran my Artlift creative writing group (good), chopped down the butterfly plant and planted some crocus bulbs, did my end-of-month accounting, read a lovely review of my book on t’Internet, had a good session at the hospital, ran a World War 1 poetry session at a school, and went back later to see the kids perform their poems to friends and families…

and I’ll stop there, because something happened at the school that took me aback. I’m not really one for remembrance; this is what I really think:


 If everyone forgot:
the location of the stone
that marks the line where their land ends
and next door’s starts;
the reasons why they think they need a god;
the purposes of money,
after bread and bed and comfort;
the alliances made years ago
that have no meaning now,
and which end of the boiled egg
should be broken,
then poppies
could be pretty flowers in cornfields.

However. The kids at the school knew almost nothing about WW1 (and why would they? It’s ancient history), and like most kids of this age, got it confused with WW2. But one boy said, “World War Two started because the Jews were being mean to Hitler, didn’t it?” I didn’t have time to take this up properly, but it’s made me think that perhaps I’m wrong about forgetting being better.

But I also had a good gig at Stourbridge, with a mixture of old poems and poems from my book and some very new ones, and that went down well. I did some more work at the weekend, and today it’s been just a visit to the dentist, and an Artlift supervision session at which I was the only artist; there should have been four of us, and it was frustrating to have wasted an afternoon when I’m so busy; I’m off to rehearsal again in a minute.

But I keep remembering it, what that boy said…

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