Ups and downs

It’s been one of those weeks, really – some really good things and some bad ones. The highlight of Monday (except for catching up with all my emails) was the rehearsal, which went very well indeed. On Tuesday, after Pilates, I had a sunbed session; this always makes me feel good. And I finally cleaned the house, and ordered the flyers for the play. In the evening I saw Fantastic creatures, which was ok – good effects and Jonny Depp was excellent, but very clumsy plotting.

On Wednesday I had a good session at the hospital. I received an email this week from the son of a woman I worked with there a few months ago. She has died, and they want to use the poem I wrote for her at the funeral; I always feel very honoured when this happens. In the afternoon I had a session with my terrific Artlift group, who go from strength to strength. I did all the write-ups and caught up with emails again – hooray! And I wrote a poem; in fact, I’ve been writing a poem a day, as I said I would, and some of them aren’t bad, I think, in a weird kind of way.

On Thursday I had some really good news. The play I’m directing, Wyrd Sisters, will be on at the end of March next year, and we’ve sold 61 tickets already! This is truly amazing, and a good sign that it’s something people will want to come and see. I did some Poetry on Loan work, and then had one of the worst sessions I’ve ever had in a school. A handful of pupils made it really hard for the others – who are great kids, full of ideas – to work, and the fact that they have a substitute teacher at the moment made it all much worse. Still, they all wrote something. On Friday I got all their poems and photos sorted out and sent off to the people running the project.

The play flyers arrived on Friday, and they look stunning. One of the cast members came over for an hour to work on his part; often these one-to-one sessions can make all the difference to a character, so they’re well worth doing. I did my usual finances and the end-of-month accounting, and lots of prep for this week.

On Saturday I delivered some flyers (home-made) around my local area to advertise a book-signing I’m doing on Thursday. I really don’t like advertising myself but apparently it has to be done.

And on Sunday I went to a Christmas wreath-making workshop! Much to my surprise, my wreath came out ok, and it’s hanging on my front door now. And, even better, I booked a holiday. Next year I’ll be somewhere warm, snorkelling and swimming with the fishes, all ups and downs forgotten – at least for a week.

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