It’s 23:30 and I’m tired, so I won’t write much this week. Sometimes I wish that my life would slow down a bit, but I know I wouldn’t really like it if it did.

Anyway, on Monday I put a load of stuff on eBay. Some of it has sold, but not as much as I’d hoped. I did a lot of prep, and had a really good rehearsal in the evening – that’s the two most difficult scenes sorted out, and all of it run through once. Tuesday was a good session at the hospital – my last for this year – and practice, and emails up to Monday.

On Wednesday I has another excellent session with my Artlift group, and in the evening went to a meeting in Hereford. I gave a little talk about Artlift and there were some good questions, but really, it was a waste of time – no more than a waffle-shop. Actually I’d rather have gone to a real waffle shop.

I’ve been for my usual run every day (usually in the mornings) and written a poem every day (usually at night), and until the weekend I’d kept up-to-date with emails, which was a bit of a triumph.

On Thursday I had my session at the school in Birmingham, this time with a new group – still noisy but much easier to work with than the last group. And I went straight from there to a book signing at a book shop in Tewkesbury. Both the shopkeeper and I had done all we could to publicise this, but only four people turned up. Still, we had a nice time; I read some of the poems from the book and we enjoyed ourselves. It’s put me in touch again with an old friend, which is a rather lovely and unexpected outcome.

On Friday morning I had to go to a training session. I’m afraid this was a bit of a waste of time, too – I didn’t learn much, and I definitely didn’t get what I wanted from the course; I could have read all the stuff in less than half an hour, but instead I was there for four and a half hours. I did my finances and some prep for this week, started work on the book of hospital poems, and wrote some Christmas cards – oh, and I did some Poetry on Loan work too – more of this on Saturday.

On Sunday I went to Bourton-on-the-Water. I really like going there near Christmas, because they have a big tree in the middle of the river that runs through the town. I bought my last Christmas present – hooray! – and started to feel Christmassy.

And today I was in the big John Lewis store in Birmingham, writing instant poems for shoppers. There were loads of them! I love doing this; people really enjoy having a poem written specially for them (or their daughters. grandchildren, girlfriends, etc.). Two of them cried – aaaah! We stayed for an hour longer than we were meant to, but people kept coming up to ask for poems… which meant that when I got home, I hardly had time to do anything before I needed to leave for tonight’s rehearsal. It was the first one without books, and they did amazingly well. It’s going to be good…

but unless I go to bed soon, I won’t be good for anything tomorrow. Goodnight!


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