Christmas spirit

I’m not a great drinker – more than one and a half glasses of wine and I throw up, so there’s not much point. So for me Christmas spirit has nothing to do with alcohol; it’s just that good feeling I get when everything is done and ready for The Son and The Daughter to come home for Christmas.

This week I’ve been finishing off little bits of painting, and finishing off the Christmas cakes, and wrapping presents, and cleaning and decorating the house.

I have done some work, of course. I’ve paid lots of Poetry on Loan invoices, and had my last session of the term with my Artlift group, and done a lot of prep for the Birmingham school. We had another great rehearsal on Monday, and I’ve been giving a lot of thought to things like the programme; we had a TADS meeting on Wednesday and everything seems to be going swimmingly.

I went to see Ralph breaks the Internet, which was educational as well as entertaining – at last I understand how the Internet works!

I even got up to date with the emails, for one day. More have landed now, though.

The Son had a party here yesterday. It was all very tame, and not at all like the parties he used to have as a teenager. Most of his friends are married now and with small children, who set out on their destined path of destruction – all good fun!

And I’ve continued to write a poem just about each day. I should probably put one on here, but we have to be very careful about publishing.

So I’ll just wish my reader a very happy Christmas, full of excitement / risks / lounging around / eating – as you prefer.

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