Almost over

So, this week it’s been, not surprisingly, Christmas stuff, but with quite a lot of work as well. The Son and The Daughter were home at Christmas and we had a lovely day, with great hilarity over some xylophone crackers. The Son fixed up my new router, which has been sitting in my office for nearly a year.

I’ve done loads of work for the Birmingham school, taken some flyers for Wyrd sisters to the theatre, done my end-of-month accounting, and started on the Arts Council funding bid for Poetry on Loan for 2019 – 2021. It’s a hard slog, doing these funding bids, but worth it if it’s successful. Fingers crossed! I hope to have it finished by the end of the week.

I’ve done a bit of work on the hospital book as well, and a bit of retail therapy – as if I need any new clothes!

But it’s time for a round-up of all I’ve done in 2018 – another amazing year. I’ve:

  • performed at 15 gigs (including one on a cruise ship; mostly topping the bill at the others);
  • won 3 slams, and got to the semi-final of the UK national slam (I was knocked out by the eventual winner);
  • written 164 new poems, including four slam poems;
  • had my book, Like Love, published and launched – and had a phone call from my brother to say that he thought it was fantastic;
  • had 5 poems accepted for publication in anthologies;
  • written a new one-act play, which so far I’ve been too busy to type up;
  • directed my previous one-act play, Psychopath, for the Worcestershire one-act play festival;
  • started directing Wyrd Sisters, to be presented in March 2019;
  • worked with Artlift groups (three terms); a group of people suffering with chronic pain, in Hereford; my Young Writers’ group in Evesham; a young carers’ group in Ross-on-Wye; three other writers’ groups; in at least 4 schools; with a firm in Tewkesbury; and with people on a cruise;
  • done three instant poetry / crowdsourced poetry gigs;
  • started my application for a further two years’ funding for Poetry on Loan;
  • helped judge two Poet Laureate and two Young Poet Laureate competitions;
  • run two training courses;
  • worked with patients and carers at Cheltenham hospital Oncology Unit (my tenth year!);
  • painted the back of my house, plus window frames at the front, and the gate;
  • cleared one loft completely;
  • done some gardening (but not enough);
  • run almost every day
  • seen 34 films in the cinema;
  • sold quite a lot of stuff on eBay, and my motorbike;
  • been on two cruises;
  • had a short holiday in Scotland with my friend Jackie;
  • been to lots of yoga and Pilates sessions;
  • been to Paul Simon’s last ever concert in the UK (and danced barefoot in a park for the first time)
  • had an escape room experience, crazy golfed, skied, drove in a Maclaren MP something, ridden a horse, zip wire trekked, witnessed the Ulverston lantern festival, visited the trees at an arboretum, saw Concorde, went up the Brighton Eye, rode my bike through a forest, made a Christmas wreath, won a prize shooting at the Mop Fair, and went to a safari park.


Phew! What an amazing life I have – and 2019 looks like it will be just as full of excitement.

I know it’s a bit early, but Happy New Year!

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