Out with the old…

And already I’m back in the swing of things. The new year got off to a bad start, though. On Monday my computer stopped working, just when I was in the middle of preparing a big Arts Council funding bid for Poetry on Loan. I didn’t panic, though; I went through the proper diagnostic checks and decided that it had to be the power supply. The Bloke, bless his cotton socks, had a compatible one, so I borrowed that until the new one arrived – just a few hours lost altogether. But then another thing – the beautiful posters and flyers I’d had printed for TADS’ production of Wyrd  Sisters  had an important bit missing, and they would have violated our contract agreement. This was my fault entirely – I’d been in a rush when I checked them – so I had to pay for a whole new lot to be done. But then, our designer and the printers were great, and the new ones arrived on Friday, so I can start giving them out at rehearsal this evening.

And on Wednesday I finished the funding bid. I’m just waiting for it to be checked, but I should be able to submit it today or tomorrow – a weight off my mind – and then it’s just fingers crossed for three whole months until they decide whether or not to grant us funding.

Thursday was spent mostly catching up with all the emails that I had ignored while I was working on the funding bid. On Friday I did my accounts, and went to look at the Cheltenham Playhouse props store; they kindly let me borrow some things for the play. While I was in town, I hit the sales and bought some new clothes, which I can justify because I’ll be getting rid of a lot of the ones that don’t fit me any more. Time for eBay! And I did quite a bit of work on the hospital book.

But then, disaster! My stage manager decided that, for various personal reasons, she can’t be my stage manager after all. I think I have a new one, but I’ll know definitely this evening. Phew!

I’ve been running every day, of course, and most days I’ve written a poem, too. It’s a really good discipline, trying to write something every day. They’re not all wonderful, of course, but every now and then there’s a keeper.

On Saturday The Bloke and I went to the Swindon computing museum. This was actually much better than I expected. It’s run by volunteers and only open on Saturdays, but they’ve done a good job with their exhibits, and we could wander down memory lanes quite happily for an hour. More work on the hospital book in the evening.

On Sunday we chopped away at lots of trees in my garden. The trees look much tidier now, but the lawn is covered with branches; somehow I’ve got to find the time to clear them all away.

And really, that’s the story of my life – hard work and clearing. Today I need time for both.

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