On fire

I’m so, so busy this week, but I’m raring to go – so this will just be a very quick roundup of last week’s activities.

Christmas decorations put away – shame! The house looks so bare for a while. General post-Christmas cleanup. Excellent rehearsal. Stuff on eBay.

Internet problems; sigh. Cleared away all the branches chopped from the trees and cut down some brambles. Finally submitted Arts Council funding bid after go-ahead from colleagues. Now I won’t think about it again. Very good session at the hospital. Lots of PoL phone calls and emails and work on the website.

Lots of work on the play. Wrote 6 poems, and entered some comps.

Hurt foot while running; it was a lot better today. Good session at the school in Birmingham; there’s a new teacher, who I know from other activities, and he was excellent. Gradually caught up with emails.

Lunch with an old friend! It’s not all work, and it was lovely to catch up. Lots of work on school, play, props, hospital book.

And an excellent bonfire. With most things I do, I think I’m sort of ok, but I take a real pride in my bonfire-building skills, and this was one of the best.

Over the weekend I’ve spent a lot  of time on the play; it’s taking over my life. I knew this would happen, but still I said I’d do it…

And today, as I said, I’m raring to go. Whoosh.

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