Burnt out

Last week was hard. Not hard by normal standards, of course; I just had a lot to do, and so now I’m behind with things like emails. I didn’t sleep well, and so this week is still a bit daunting as I try to catch up.

But anyway. We had another good rehearsal on Monday, but now this play has taken over my life; I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of things I might have forgotten. And, I don’t know, perhaps I shouldn’t expect so much commitment from everyone else as I do from myself, but when people don’t come to rehearsals it just makes things difficult for everyone else. When I got home I prepared for stuff on Tuesday…

…when I had my first session of a new Artlift group. All good; lots of enthusiasm and mutual support. I did some more prep, mostly for the Birmingham school work, and then went off for an Artlift board meeting. More prep, and emails up to Sunday. And I wrote a poem.

On Wednesday I had a good session at the hospital, and thought I’d better go and buy some food. While I’m in the car I usually practise, if I’ve got a gig coming up, and that’s what I was doing while driving – never a wasted moment! I read through all the Warwickshire Young Poet Laureate applications, and in the evening we had a TADS meeting – with a wonderful new member who has got a small part in the play, already. I did the hospital writeup in the evening.

On Thursday morning I wrote a lot of emails, and in the afternoon had a session at the school in Birmingham. This didn’t go so well – the kids had been out for a trip in the morning and they were all hyper, so it was difficult to get them to concentrate. I had an open mic spot at the Grizzly Pear in the evening, and I managed to kill a couple of hours before it started. It was a bit odd – it’s a student pub and the gig was attended mostly by people who weren’t born when I started performing – but the poems went down well, except for an odd comment from one person who emailed me the day after. I’m still thinking about it. I didn’t get home till late.

Friday was the usual weekly finances, and the school writeup, and the fun of making a cake for The Bloke’s birthday. I worked on the stage plan for the play, and went out for a meal with The Bloke in the evening – but he was tired, and I had the beginnings of a cold, so we didn’t go to see a film as we had planned to do. I came home and did some work on the Birmingham school stuff.

On Saturday I left quite early to got to Rugby, where I was helping to judge the contest for the next Warwickshire Young Poet Laureate. All the candidates were excellent, but I think we made the right choice in the end.

And on Sunday The Bloke and I went out to the RAF museum at Cosford; very interesting and worth a trip. More school work in the evening. I got up at 5 am, hoping to see the red moon, but all I could see was cloud.

This morning I’ve had a session with my long-running group in Hereford, who are lovely and really good writers, and got props ready for the rehearsal this evening. But I have a list of jobs that I couldn’t finish if I stayed in all evening, so time to stop now and just get on with it…

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