Catching up

When I’ve had a really busy week, the next week is always spent catching up with all the things I should have done, and that’s what this week has been.

So, Monday was mostly emails, and then a rehearsal. This play has taken over my life now, as I knew it would. I wake up at 4 am thinking of yet another thing I need to do for it. Monday’s rehearsal was a difficult one, but I’ve no doubt that it will all be fine on the night.

My Artlift group on Tuesday went well. One ex-participant called in to say how much he had been helped by his course, which was nice. I spent most of the afternoon on prep for the Birmingham school, and got up to Sunday’s emails. In the evening I saw Stan and Ollie. It was well made, but I never thought that they were funny in the first place, so I didn’t really engage with the film.

On Wednesday I sent off some invoices, spent ages trying to contact someone (why do people go away when you need to talk to them?), wrote up the TADS minutes, did a list of things I need to do for the play, and wrote a proposal for something I might be doing later in the year. In the afternoon I had a good session at the hospital, sent off lots of emails and caught up to Tuesday with the incoming ones.

Thursday morning was all spent on the play stuff, and in the afternoon I had my last session of the current block at the school in Birmingham. It was much better than the previous week; the kids worked hard and wrote some decent stuff. I spent the evening sorting out everything they had done and writing it all up.

Friday was the usual weekly finances, and then most of the rest of the day on play stuff and emails. I did manage half an hour of gardening, and quite a bit of Poetry on Loan work. Our 20th anniversary logo is now up on the website! In the evening I spent a bit of time working on the hospital book; I finished all the bits I can do on Sunday, and now I’m just waiting for other people to do things before I get it printed.

Saturday was emails and play stuff; Sunday tidying… and now I’m nearly back to where I’d like to be.

There’s another busy week ahead, though. Still, if I ever actually caught up, and there was nothing to do, I’d probably feel lost, so it’s just as well I have all these things to keep me occupied.

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