All good

Sometimes you have a really good week – not because something special has happened, but just because the little things have gone well. This week has been one of those.

I caught up with the emails on Monday, and managed a spot of gardening; fresh air’s always good. I posted a video on the TADS Facebook page, and it’s gone down well, and in the evening we had a really good rehearsal. And I wrote a poem.

On Tuesday I had good sessions with my Artlift group and at the hospital, and did the writeups and handled some email. In the evening I saw Vice, which was very good, even if it did make me squirm in places.

My foot’s still been hurting when I run, so I tried a swim on Wednesday, and for most of it I had the pool all to myself; it was almost Zen-like. I’ve bought a heavy-duty ankle support now, which helps a bit, but it’s still not right.  I had a one-to-one lines session with one of my cast, and collected the banners to go up inside and outside The Roses Theatre. They look great! I finished off a proposal for some potential work in the autumn, and did lots of prep and work on Wyrd Sisters.

I’ve still been running, despite my bad foot, and on Thursday I ran in sub-zero temperatures. It was invigorating! After a lot of Wyrd Sisters work, I had my first session with a new group at the school in Birmingham; they were a bit noisy but came up with some great ideas. I think they’re going to be good. I did my end-of-month accounting, and more prep, and caught up with all the emails – and because things were going well, I started typing up the one-act play I wrote last summer. At last! And I finished typing it on Friday. It’s too short, though; I need to think of an extra scene that adds something to it.

On Friday I ran in the snow (we only had an inch here), and had another one-to-one session with another cast member. It can really help, doing this, so I never mind spending time on it. I wrote a poem, and did loads of little things. In fact, Friday was a most unusual day, because I ticked off every single item on my jobs list – all 34 of them. This happens very rarely.

I did some more bits and pieces – mostly to do with the play – on Saturday, and in the evening I had a gig as part of the Wolverhampton Literature Festival – my prize for winning their slam last year. I was on with the wonderful Elvis McGonagall. It was a strange gig, in a way, because there was no-one there who seemed to know what was going on, and nobody to introduce us, but the room was nearly full and they were a lovely audience, so I really enjoyed it.

Sunday was a lazy day, with just a bit of work on play stuff, and some sewing. I had an idea for a poem just as I was going to sleep, and I was up till about 2 am writing it – but the first draft is complete, so that’s good.

This week I have loads to do, but it’s nice to know that some weeks, everything goes well.

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