The play’s the thing

I knew that this play would take over my life, and this week it has, pretty much – which would be fine if I didn’t still have everything else to do. At least on Monday I caught up with all the emails – and had a meeting with my associate director, before rehearsal in the evening. We’re beginning to see signs of nerves, now, and a few people didn’t behave with quite the maturity one might expect (which sounds really pompous! I’m just trying to be nice), but overall it was a very good rehearsal. We’re definitely going to have a show. Later I sent another email to the new tech manager at The Roses, who has hardly even been shown into his office, poor guy. He replied later in the week, and he seems like a good chap.

Tuesday was my Cheltenham Artlift group, who were as lovely as always, and then more work on the play – publicity and props. I published the hospital book with Lulu and ordered a proof copy, and paid some Poetry on Loan invoices. In the evening I saw Can you ever forgive me? – which was well done, but not completely engaging.

I had a good session at the hospital on Wednesday, and then spent ages trying to sort out a problem with the play; one of the cast members has decided he doesn’t want to be in it any more. Over the next few days this took quite a bit of time – trying to get him to change his mind, finding replacements for his two roles and then dealing with the aftermath. But still, we now have two excellent replacements and I think it’s all going to be ok. I did writeups and caught up with the emails.

On Thursday I spent a lot of time on the phone discussing a funding bid for some more work in the hospital – not just for me, this time. Loads of time emailing individual members of the cast – and then off to the school in Birmingham. We took them for a walk in a park, and they were great – took some really good photos and wrote down some brilliant comments. They’re just kids, really – a bit of fresh air and they stop being world-weary near-teenagers. And oh, their joy when a car went through the ford! I did some typing up when I got home, and more emails.

I spent most of Friday working on school stuff; the photos always take ages to sort through in order to select ones to be used as the basis for poems. I have to write two poems, too, and I got that done, and put some more stuff on eBay.

A lot of the weekend was taken up with school stuff, and proofreading the hospital book, and play stuff, and sleeping.

And this week? I have a gig, so there’ll be more prep for that, and all the usual things. I’m just hoping that no play problems crop up and I won’t have to spend next weekend catching up on sleep again.

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