Don’t put your daughter on the stage

Well, actually, do put her on the stage, in case she turns into a director… It’s been a busy week, with a lot of time dedicated to The Play.

On Monday I did some prep for the next school session, had a good rehearsal in the evening, and caught up with emails. Tuesday was my lovely Artlift group, and after I’d written that up, and finalised (I thought) the text for the play programmes, and checked the Poetry on Loan finances, it was time to go off to my gig in Wolverhampton. There weren’t as many people there as they usually get, but that was probably because the Wolves Lit Fest has just finished and they’re all poemed out; but still, everyone seemed to enjoy it, so that was ok. Oh, and I wrote a poem.

On Wednesday some men came to do some work on my trees. They did a good job, and they’ll be safe for a few years at least. There was a long call from The Son, which is always nice. I did some prep and answered some emails, and then went to a meeting with the new technical manager at the Roses, then a TADS meeting, and then a production meeting for the play. And then I made some cookies for Valentine’s Day, as you do.

I corrected the proof of the hospital book (it’s called Today, I feel Hawaii) on Thursday morning, and ordered some copies. This took rather longer than I had expected, so it was straight off to the school in Birmingham. I am still surprised by how noisy these school classes are; they seem to be totally incapable of silence, even for a few seconds. I wonder why? But still, they came up with some good stuff. In the evening I saw The Lego Movie 2; an obvious choice for Valentine’s Day! It was fun, but not as good as the first one or the Batman one.

Friday was finances day, of course, and another meeting at The Roses theatre. Phew. I haven’t had so many meetings since I had a proper job. And I had my daily run in t-shirt and shorts, which was lovely, and made a change from the thermal joggers, two top layers and ski gloves I’ve been wearing recently. After that it was writeups and prep and emails, and getting things ready to be sold on eBay, and delivering flyers for the play, and more Poetry on Loan work, and more prep, and the TADS minutes, and finalising the play programme again. Never use the word finalise.

The Daughter phoned on Saturday – or rather facetimed. I find this a little disconcerting, but recovered enough to do more school prep.

And on Sunday I had a bit of fun. In Cheltenham at the moment there’s an observation wheel, and we went for a ride on it. While we were waiting to get on, the guy looking after it started chatting, and somehow the subject of pole dancing came up. “You could do a pole dance round the pole in the gondola,” he suggested. So I did. When our gondola came round to the bottom, there I was, in my warm winter coat, scarf and boots, with one leg entwined round the pole. One of the other minders told me off for standing up, but our chap cheered me on – “Go for it, girl! Yeah, she’s pole dancing!”

Once a performer, always a performer. Don’t put your daughter on the stage; she’ll find her own way there without any help from you.

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