Sleep would be nice

This play has filled my every waking moment for a while, but now it’s stopping me from sleeping, and I’m so tired. But enough whinging.

On Monday I ran an Artlift taster session for a group in Stow. It all went well, once they’d realised I was waiting by the door; the bell didn’t work. We had a good rehearsal in the evening, and got nearly all the way through.

On Tuesday I sent the final programme copy to the designer, except of course that now she’s come back with the lovely design, and I’ve asked people to make a final check, lots of changes are needed. I had a good session with my Artlift group, and delivered some flyers. I’ve delivered about 250 flyers now, doing some almost every day, and I’ve learned a new sympathy for postmen. Some letterboxes are fiendish weapons of torture – but at least it’s been lovely weather for walking round. I did some writeups, and wrote a poem for International Women’s Day (March 8th), and saw Green Room, which was very good indeed.

I really needed my Pilates session on Wednesday, but it was a replacement instructor and she didn’t stretch us enough; it was all too easy. I had an excellent session at the hospital – working with men, which is unusual – and did lots of play prep stuff, and caught up with all the emails. Hooray!

Thursday was mostly spent preparing for my next session at the school in Birmingham, but I also did some planning for various gigs and prep, and spent some time with one of my cast members who needed help working on her lines. Why she hasn’t learned them all by now, who knows; the others are fine.

Friday was finances, and another session at the hospital; two more lovely and very interesting people. I got stuff ready for the weekend, and put a new play video on Facebook, and did the hospital writeup, and even managed to tidy a bit.

And the weekend was scene painting – out at the barn where all TADS’ stuff is stored, splashing about with paint in lovely sunshine. I think it’s all going to look good, thanks to the artistic talents of other people. I did some work on the TADS’ website, and wrote another poem. And didn’t sleep much. I think that after the play is over I’ll probably sleep for a week.

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