Spreading the word

When I’m asked to write introductions for myself, I nearly always say that what I enjoy most is helping other people find their words. There’s been a lot of that this week, and of course more word-spreading for the play.

On Monday I distributed some more flyers, and in the afternoon worked with the Monday Writers. The founder members of this group came from an Artlift group I worked with years ago, and they have kept going ever since, which takes some doing. I see them occasionally, and I always enjoy it. After that we had a rehearsal; a speed run, this time, to help with the pace. Much laughter. And I got up to Saturday’s emails.

I had my current Artlift group on Tuesday. They are really good, and I’ll miss them when the term’s over. In the afternoon I had an interview on Radio Gloucestershire, about the play. The presenter was very good, and mentioned the dates several times, and I think that we came over ok – Jan (Nanny in the play) was with me too. Loads of emails about the play afterwards, and in the evening I saw Cold pursuit, which was ok, but not as good as the original, which was in Norwegian and was called In order of disappearance.

I forced myself to listen to the interview on Wednesday. I don’t like listening to myself, really, but it wasn’t too bad. I did some tidying, and practice for a gig, and had a session at the hospital in the afternoon. Usually I come away from these feeling uplifted, but this was one of the few occasions when I didn’t. But I had a swim and went for a run, distributing lots of flyers as I went, and then caught up with emails and did writeups and prep and paid invoices, so at least I’d done a good day’s work by the end of it.

I had a session at the school in Birmingham on Thursday. I know I’ve said it before, but gosh, these kids are noisy! It took some doing, but in the end they all produced some group poems, and good ones at that. In the evening I was headlining at Caffe Grande, in Dudley. I don’t think they liked me all that much; I probably did the wrong material for that audience. Never mind; some people came up at the end and said how much they’d enjoyed it, so at least I’d pleased some of the people some of the time.

On Friday I was back in the same neck of the woods, in Wordsley, working with a group who read poetry but don’t write – but they did on Friday! They seemed really enthused and I think they’ll start writing more. Word-spreading in Wordsley. When I got home I did my end-of-month accounting and answered emails, and did loads of prep for the last Artlift session next week. And I entered a competition. Hah! As if I could win…

I just did bits and pieces on Saturday and Sunday, including lots of prep for the final session at the school, and a lot of sleeping. But I also checked to see how many tickets we’ve sold for the play. The publicity seems to be working, and we’re now clearly in the profit zone, but we’ve still got a way to go before we reach my personal target. More flyers, then; more Facebook posts; some shouting through a loudspeaker, perhaps…

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