No time

I have no time to do anything. My head is full of the play; to show you what it’s like, let me just say that I was listening to the news on the radio, and I realised that hearing the Brexit news was actually restful.

So – very swift blog post:

Prep, emails, rehearsal (v good)

Artlift group last session (aah!), writeups, emails

Ordered programmes for Wyrd Sisters, hospital session (good), practice for gig, writeup, emails

And I had a swimming lesson! I’m quite a strong breast-stroke swimmer, but I’ve never got the hang of the breathing in front crawl, so I treated myself to a lesson. I can do it now – or at least, I could at the end of the lesson. I haven’t tried again since…

Practice, final session Birmingham school (not bad), wrote poem.

Finances, hospital session (good), emails, gig at The Roses – excellent!, tech rehearsal plan

Emails, Birmingham school report and finishing off.

And today, delivering flyers, and an Artlift meeting, and a very, very good rehearsal, except for one disagreement – and I won’t let that spoil things. And we’ve sold 470 tickets, which is amazing. Get yours soon to avoid disappointment! Go on – there’s no time like the present. To me it feels like there’s no time at all.


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