A bad week

I don’t like to be gloomy, but this really hasn’t been a good week. I had some long phone calls on Tuesday, and lots of play emails to handle, and in the afternoon another Artlift meeting, this time to talk about a new project, which should be really good if it comes off. But during the meeting I had a phone call to tell me that my cousin had committed suicide. It was rather a shock. We weren’t particularly close, but as children we spent a lot of time together, and he has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I understand his reasons, but still… I will be giving the eulogy at his funeral.

On Wednesday I was dealing with a lot of Poetry on Loan stuff. I was way behind with the emails so I just got on with those, but still only reached Sunday’s. Thursday morning was an extra session with one of the cast members, and emails with the theatre about our contract (we still don’t have one), and flyering in Tewkesbury, and more Poetry on Loan stuff, and emails up to Wednesday.

I actually managed to write a short poem on Friday, and did my weekly finances. More prep for the play, and more flyering, and then I discovered a problem that’s going to cost me quite a bit of money. But I caught up with the emails, and did some prep for a meeting tomorrow.

By now I had toothache, or rather gum-ache, but there was nothing I could do about it, because I spent most of Saturday in the theatre, helping to rig the lights. This was quite interesting; I’ve never had any involvement with theatre lights before. When I got back to my car I had a parking penalty notice. I had a proper ticket for the car park, but when I shut the car door it must have flipped over, so it wasn’t visible. I’ve appealed against it, so with any luck I won’t have to pay.

On Sunday we had the tech and dress rehearsals. This was always going to be a long and difficult day, and it lived up, or rather down, to expectations. A few things went really well, but we hit a lot of technical problems. However, I think most of these will be sorted in time for our first performance on Saturday. And I still had bad toothache.

Today I managed to see my dentist, and I’m on the mend; and I had the good news that we have sold 594 tickets for the play, which is an amazing number for us. Tonight we had a really good rehearsal, with much merriment – we all needed a bit of fun after yesterday’s hard slog. But the evening was dimmed, because today I heard that TADS’ previous lighting guy, Martin, had died last week. He had been unwell for years, but it’s still sad; he was a lovely guy, and very, very good at stage lighting.

So, onwards and upwards. Let’s hope that this week is better.


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