A good week

Well, bad weeks don’t last for ever… things have been so much better this week. On Tuesday I went to a Poetry on Loan meeting, and these are always uplifting. I caught up with emails up to Sunday.

On Wednesday I went to the Roses Theatre to help with the lighting changes, and I felt a lot better about the lighting by the time we’d finished. And I had a haircut, not that anyone would notice. I came home to find an email from Arts Council England, telling me that Poetry on Loan has been granted funding for a further two years. Hooray! It’s so good putting poets in libraries, where everyone can meet them and hear them, and it would have been such a shame if our funding had stopped. I put the last Wyrd Sisters video on the TADS Facebook page, and in the evening saw Fisherman’s Friends. The reviews had said that this was formulaic and predictable and like wearing a warm jumper, and it was – which was exactly what I needed.

I felt a bit overwhelmed on Thursday, with so much to do, but buckled up and cracked on, and did all those other things you have to do when faced with a lot of jobs. I had a good session at the hospital in the morning, and then spent two hours putting flyers for the play through letterboxes. I really don’t like letterboxes.

And then I got my gardening things on, ready to mow the lawn. The mower had a puncture. My pump wouldn’t reach the tyre, and when The Bloke came round later to help, he couldn’t get any air in it with his foot pump. The next day I called Haywards, who I bought the mower from, and they came and collected the wheel, mended the tyre, and brought it back the same day. Excellent service! Anyway, I did the hospital writeup did some Poetry on Loan stuff, answered lots of emails and wrote cards for all the cast and crew of the play. They have been terrific, and I can’t thank them enough.

I should add that I checked the ticket sales almost every day, and they grew and grew…

On Friday I did my usual finances and answered emails, and mowed the grass. The first cut of the season always takes ages, because the long grass clogs the mower up, and I think I did myself a bit of damage. I reached Thursday’s email, and even wrote a poem.

And then it was Saturday – the big day; our first two performances of Wyrd Sisters. We spent the morning rebuilding the set and getting everything ready. The first performance was a little bit scrappy, with quite a few mistakes, but fortunately none that would be too obvious to an audience. In the evening, though, the cast excelled themselves; it was an excellent show, with an audience of 275 people – I don’t think I’ve ever seen The Roses so full.

Back in on Sunday. The afternoon show wasn’t the best, but the evening one was really good, apart from a power glitch that meant we had to stop the whole thing for a while – but the audience were lovely; really supportive. And over the four performances, we sold 770 tickets, which is an amazing number for an amateur society.

And that was it. All those months of work, and now it’s all over. I was back in the theatre this morning, clearing up the things that people had left behind, and now I’ve unpacked almost everything. This evening we’re having a little post-show party, and then it will be time to think about the next show. So – a good week, and it’s not quite finished yet. Party time!


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