Swimming with fishes

I’ve always said that if I had a superpower, it would be the ability to breathe underwater and swim with fishes. The reason why there was no blog last week, and this week’s is late, is that I’ve been on holiday, snorkelling in the Red Sea.

The week before that was holiday prep, clearing up, finishing things off after the play, polishing up the eulogy, and a session at the hospital – and on Sunday, a lovely lunch out with The Son and The Daughter, for mothers’ day.

And on 1st April, off we went to Marsa Alam, which is one of the best snorkelling places of all. It was amazing – more fish in the first ten minutes than I’ve ever seen before. We went snorkelling every day, and even saw a lion fish and some turtles. The hotel was good, our room was lovely, the food was plentiful and varied, the weather was almost perfect, we didn’t get sunburned – what more could you ask? I did get my toes badly scraped on the coral reef – someone just shoved me – and walking barefoot made me realise just how bad my other foot is, but apart from that it was all pretty good.

While I was away I revised my latest one-act play (I think it’s better now) and wrote at least one poem each day, so I wasn’t just idling about.

And now there’s a mountain of emails, and unpacking, and grey skies. Hmm. I think I need to go on holiday more often, or perhaps retire, so I can spend more time swimming with fishes.

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