A new woman

As my reader knows, I love sunshine and hot weather, so I’ve been feeling like a new woman for the last few days. On Monday I finished doing all the extra stuff needed by the Arts Council, and went to see the doctor about a couple of things, and practised the eulogy.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed on Tuesday at the thought of all I had to do, but I soon pulled myself together. In the morning was a meeting of the Artlift group I’ve been working with in Cheltenham; they plan to continue on their own, and I went along to their first meeting to give them some tips. It was the house where one of the members is living – a lovely house that belongs to her daughter and son-in-law, who were away. The house has a security gate, and it wouldn’t open. The woman and I tried everything, but she was locked in, and the rest of us were locked out. But – I found a gap in the hedge and we all got in that way, probably closely watched by CCTV cameras. They are a great group and I’m sure they’ll be able to carry on meeting and writing, or alternatively plan a heist.

Afterwards I had a good session at the hospital, and got everything ready for going away. I did the hospital writeup, and caught up with all the emails, which always makes me feel good.

Wednesday was the funeral day, though. After a tights emergency (they always happen when you have a deadline for getting somewhere), the journey to Kingston was ok. The chapel held about 80 people and there must have been more than 100 there, including most of my cousins; I was quite nervous, because I so wanted everyone to think that I’d painted a good picture of my cousin Mark. But the whole thing went off well, and lots of people said that the eulogy caught him exactly; and they all laughed at the funny stories, which he would have wanted – or else why did he say especially that he wanted me to do it? Both The Son and The Daughter came, which was very nice; they had been primed to laugh if nobody else did. That night I stayed with my lovely cousin Sally and her husband Bob, and it was good to have a chance to mull over the day and talk about Mark.

Good trip home on Thursday, in time to do a bit of gardening and go for a run, write the TADS meeting minutes and do a lot of work on the Poetry on Loan finances.

Friday was accounts day as usual, and then – well, I was on holiday, really. Over the next few days I bought some plants, and saw the fountain at Stanway (the highest gravity-fed fountain in the world, apparently, and went for a bike ride, and did some sewing, and finally planned my sets for the two gigs this coming week. Oh – and I’ve kept up with the poem a day, too.

And I’ve decided that in a couple of years I’m definitely going to give up some of my work and move into semi-retirement. Probably. Then I could really become a new woman.

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