In and out

At this time of year I want to be outdoors as much as possible; work gets in the way a bit. Monday was mostly indoors, though, catching up with emails. On Tuesday I had a Pilates class; I wish they’d do them outside! I practised for my gigs, and did some work with the weed killer. I know it would be better to weed it all by hand, but I’ve got a big drive, so I give in to chemical methods now and then. And I mowed the lawns, and put some grass seed down in the bare patches. I have almost promised myself that I won’t take on any more work, but a job was advertised that seemed perfect for me and that I would love to do, so I spent a bit of time on Tuesday and Wednesday preparing an application.

I did some weeding by hand on Wednesday (very virtuous) and more practice, and had a good session at the hospital. I’ve been emailing all the hospital people with poems in the recent book, but it takes quite a while to do, so I haven’t contacted them all yet – and on Thursday my phone stopped working, and the Internet was up and down, so I did some more weeding and more practice. In the evening I had a gig in Balsall Common library. The librarians there have done wonders in introducing an open mic evening, with guest poets, and attracted a good, regular audience. The unfortunate thing was that it took me three hours to get there, instead of the predicted one and a bit, so I missed all the open-micers. My set went down well, though, and the lovely people bought 11 of my books! In the evening I caught up with some more emails.

Finances on Friday, and then a lot more gardening. I found a mouse in one of my compost bins! I don’t know which of us was the more surprised. And my camellia, that I planted years ago, has finally come into flower for the first time. Hooray! At about lunchtime I realised that the fault on my phone line wasn’t temporary, so I phoned BT. The Openreach van was outside less than two hours later, and the guy was up a telegraph pole when I went out at 6 pm. All credit to them – they got it all fixed by the end of the day.

In the evening I went to sushi school and learned how to make some basic sushi. It was good fun, although I still don’t like sushi all that much, especially raw fish, which feels to me like eating slugs.

On Saturday I started looking at the Arts Council report I have to prepare. It’s going to be a long job, and will take me most of this week, I reckon, but in between I’ll be doing more gardening. In the afternoon I had a gig at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival. The room was packed – the event was a complete sell-out, so well done to the Festival organisers. I did a different set, and again it went down well, but only two books sold. Never mind; as long as they enjoyed listening, it’s fine.

And on Sunday I ambled round the Tewkesbury street market, and didn’t do much else – but at least it was outdoors. And I wrote two poems, as part of my poem a day for April; I can do this whether I’m in or out, apparently, but I know where I’d rather be.

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